By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

“Only two weeks ago home grown Jihadis attempted to storm a freedom of speech gathering in the Lone Star State of Texas. Apparently these ISIS members felt like they’d been snubbed so they decided to load up and go hunting. No, that’s not what they had in mind, Those were hardcore home grown terrorists representing the same Jihadis. That over there in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other places, are murdering, innocent victims in cold blood. Apparently, President Obama has missed all of this, when he calls it a religion of peace. If it’s a religion of pace then for God’s sake why aren’t we seeing ten’s of thousands or even millions fighting alongside us -out on the streets- of America shouting, No more!

What we have seen in the past from this president is a callous disregard to serve and uphold the rights of Americans. As he defends the rights of those who rape, maim, and kill indiscriminately, innocent victims -mainly- Christians and Jews. When we go back to the infancy of his administration, he fought valiantly to protect the nation and the working man from impending disaster. Due to the reckless financial state this nation was driven into by bankers. For that and other actions taken by this administration the American people can gladly say there is some sense of appreciation of his statesmanship.

But for supporting our enemies (both ideologically and financially) in foreign lands, it’s one major fall from whatever grace, he came into office with. But, supporting and sheltering the tens of thousands who support the ideology of an Anti-American movement. Bent on -overthrowing our nation from within- as it is written in their holy book and spewed out of the mouths of extremist Islamic hatemongers. He has aligned himself among a group of despots who soon will fall by the wayside; of American history’s most shameful statesmen.

In the face of thousands of decapitations, murder, rape, and torture. His causal demeanor over Radical Islam’s murderous attacks on Americans, by calling it a religion of peace. While, not one Muslim in America has stood up to denounce the vile acts of their own brothers and sisters, or even to denounce their radical fundamentalism? Neither, have they taken to the streets to denounce CAIR a Muslim organization which has embedded itself in American politics. While, hiding its dark and ugly scheme to usurp our liberties and Democracy. As it works out its plans to destroy the very foundations on which this nation has stood, for over 300 years.

His reckless inaction and casual attitude -at least in my mind- are tantamount to cold blooded indifference, to his sworn duties. To serve the people, protect the land, uphold the rule of Constitutional law, and to defend the Flag of the United States of America; from all enemies near and far! President Barack Hussein Obama has but, -a short time left in his administration to right the wrongs- he has done to America and the American people. By siding with known terrorists and cohorting with organizations -whose open aim- is to wipe America and Israel from the face of the Earth!” JRH-NDMH 2015
God Keep and Bless America on this Memorial Day and forever!


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