barbarywars 1801-1805

BARBARY WARS 1801-1805


By John R Hernandez@NDMH-USA-2015

“The Barbary were fought by America against the Islamic pirates who captured many merchant ships of the coast of Tripoli and other coastal cities in search of gold,m spices, and any other commodity including holding sailors and whoever they could for ransom. George Washington eventually sne out navy up against these barbarians.

Today America is faced with much the same Islamic terrorists it faced during thr onset of this nation bent on disrupting our way of life and eventually subjugating us into their Sharia form of slavery. When this President tells us that we killed many of them so its only apropos that thy kill a few of us is akin to an inate madness and surreal appetite for self destruction.

When Americans stand up in protection of their fellow man after this government treats us like idiots and coerces the FBI to file a bogus ‘No problem here guys let’s all get off the streets and stop your bellyaching on the internet’ report. It is clear something stinks real bad in Washington, DC.

Especially when our Commander in Chief’s arrogant remark is ‘Stop being so cynical.’ Cynical? After another HOMEGROWN AND FOREIGN BRED Radical Jihadi has just massacred FIVE of our soldiers, IN COLD BLOOD? You know, when the PITIFUL example of this UN jumped down Israel’s throat, for defending itself.

Against terrorists creeping through tunnels replete with air-conditioned passageways, private bomb making facilities, as well as hot and cold running water and latrines. Paid for by private contributions from silent partners within the global community; and others whose real cynical anti-zionist hatred in Iran, have made it clear to us all whose side they’re on.

That came as no surprise. But, after 9/11, then the sudden almost collapse of our economy, ushering in what many Americans thought to be someone who would turn things around, get us back on the right track, and keep this country safe and morally strong. Only to end up releasing terrorists from Guantanamo who end up committing further heinous acts against humanity.

Then turning its back on Iraq only to allow US supported Al Qaeda operatives in collusion with ex-Saddam Hussein Military Commanders -turned into ISIS- on a rampage across the Middle East. Massacring, looting, and raping little girls. While, this administration puts the lives of our patriots in situations where it should know better to do such things.

I gave this administration a pass on the Iran Nuclear deal -not because- I agree it will stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. But, because at least when the bombs come dropping down on Iran no one can say we didn’t try. Because, the fact of the matter is that -Iran won’t stop- until it is stopped. And unfortunately it will probably take Israel to have to do it,

But if my hunch is right it will not be acting alone. When it does decide to put the bombs down and an end to this nuclear madness and caliphate insanity. But, the deliberate attempted genocide on America’s moral foundations and spirit? Is going to take a heap of hell no’s, from those in this country who value the principles of family, faith, and sanity! JRH-2015 NDMH – USA


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