By John R Hernandez@NDMH-USA 2015

Barack Hussein Obama is to scared to admit it, but I will. We are most definitely at war with Radical Islam ever since the early 1800’s! Since the Barbary Coast Pirates -many of which were Muslims- held our merchant ship mariners for ransom.  Today as a reminder for history buffs and those who value and treasure the treason why we are still here and what our predecessors gave up so that all of us could enjoy what we’ve been freely given as result of their sacrifice.

Unfortunately of course their are still a few who have swallowed the koolaid of the Politically Correct Left Wingers who continue to this day to demonize Christianity, White America, and re-write their very own subversive and phony reality of how this nation was founded. So as a gift to my brothers and sisters in Charleston and other places in this nation who have openly denounced the founding of this nation as racist White Supremacist society.

So to you my brother in Christ, Wili, why don’t you and your congregation take the weekend off and sit down and read the entire true story of how this nation was really founded. And or better yet get the movie produced by another White Brother in Christ and watch it to the very end. Maybe after -you all- do that you’ll come away with a different take on the reality that what one man did does not speak for the entire history or population of White Americans.



This is a religious war and their plan is to implant their radical kind on our soil. Their radical Sharia controlled religion, their anti-American and anti-Christian history. And erase and revise our history, our traditions, our culture. To conform to theirs, and eventually make us their slaves. While they get to grow, expand, and multiply we are slowly wiped of the face of the Earth as they plan to do with the Jews; As their Grand Mufti of Palestine planned with Hitler but by the Grace of God they failed!

The other part of their plan is to infiltrate our Federal and State Governments, Public and Private Institutions in order to silence dissenters.  That would be us, mainly Christians who they are at war with.  Followed by their double agents pretending to be upstanding citizens while they subvert our laws and implant their Sharia Farce on all Americans. And get as many of their radical propagandists into elected offices all over this land.

Eventually when the time is right in about 30 or 40 years the cultural and ethnic face of this nation will have been changed, and overrun with our enemies, our conquerors, our greatest nightmare. With no choice but to surrender and or take the blade of their swords. The same swords they used against our merchant ship mariners and our naval officers back in the eighteen century!


BARBARY WARS PIRATES https://history.state.gov/milestones/1801-1829/barbary-wars

“Prior to independence, American colonists had enjoyed the protection of the British Navy. However, once the United States declared independence, British diplomats were quick to inform the Barbary States that U.S. ships were open to attack. In 1785, Dey Muhammad of Algiers declared war on the United States and captured several American ships. The financially troubled Confederation Government of the United States was unable to raise a navy or the tribute that would protect U.S. ships.””https://history.state.gov/milestones/1801-1829/barbary-wars

“In effect the war has never ended, it continued with every skirmish, every invasion and subjugation across the African Continent, and yes even when our boys got shot down over Mogadishu, Iraq, Afghanistan, and our Towers came crumbling down.

If you want to see what America will look like in about 20 years then take a look at what has happened to Europe; Great Britain (not so great anymore). France, Sweden, and almost the entire continent is overrun by them. The way they do what they do is to take a look at what they are doing with Ben Carson. Muslims are now taking to the streets demanding and twisting Ben Carson’s words to get him to resign the campaign in shame. For what?  His legal right in opining on whether a Muslim should be allowed to be US President?

Considering the invasion of Europe by unvetted extremists many of which are coming from countries where radical Islam is a way of life. Proven by the sheer fact that the minute an American and especially one running for office, makes a comment about Muslims. They all jump up much like the crowds in Baltimore and St. Louis when for example a young liquor store thief who beat up the attendant was gloried instead of weighing the pros and cons?  They have been given so much preferential treatment that they are now into their third and fourth generations and have become complete degenerates and spoiled brats.



Protected by the Radical Left Wing -extreme- Agenda titled Political Correctness. A law separate and apart, unwritten but yet supported by so many other laws and bigmouths. Within this Radical Left Wing Movement, which supports its constituents by rewarding their actions and words with extreme interpretations of Civil Rights (REVERSED DISCRIMINATION), Human Rights(MAKING LEGAL EVERY FORM OF SEXUAL PERVERSION AVAILABLE) , Woman’s Rights(ABORTION ON DEMAND)! So when the policeman stood his ground and fired at the liquor store thief attacking him? They all took to the streets rioting, burning, and looting; to get money, goods, and let out all the anger hidden within, against this nation.


OBAMA AND HIS BROTHER THE TOP MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD SUPPORTER http://strongandresolute.blogspot.com/2015/09/180-examples-that-obama-is-radical-pro.html

Just like America to let thugs control the streets, the police, and the radical agenda. Everyone knows that Obama is signing off on all these unvetted illegals, because the US Democratic Party wants to solidify its hold on the Rain-blow White House for another 8 years. Democrats don’t give a hoot about Blacks, Hispanics,  AND OR ANY OTHER individual or group.  If they did they would have fought to bring in Christian refugees and the one person in this nation that is trying to help them is being silenced and ignored.

If Democrats really cared about Americans? They would have fought tooth and nail to reform student loan debt policy, to include it into bankruptcy proceedings and protections as in Canada. But they are too hypocritical and bought into the pockets of the same banks they complain about on Free Speech TV and other trash bins of propaganda and insults. One of their insults that got my goat was when one of their loud speakers during Kim Davis’s incarceration wouldn’t stop calling her a bigot!

So much for religious freedom and tolerance from the Democrats. Tells us exactly where they are and what they stand for. Gay marriage is cool for them but, not the protections and sacred  religious rites and  freedoms of Christians. Why? BECAUSE CHRISTIANS WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM! DON’T YOU GET IT??? What about Cuba? Why all of the sudden months away from the presidential election they are using every ploy available to cash in on Latino supporters and voters !



Election Ploy.  Then they want to bring  in as many refugees as possible from Islamic countries at the same time; another election ploy to solidify their votes.

Why? Politics!  The fact is that Carson is a well educated and politically savvy African America but, because he is a Black Conservative Who, unlike Barack Hussein Obama just happens to be a proud Black American citizen. Who makes no bones about where he stands when it comes to electing an individual who has a proven track record of being adamantly pro-US. All the way to the steps of the Supreme Court and beyond.

The further fact is that unlike Barack Hussein Obama, Mr. Carson would never allow rogue jurists, Radical Muslims, and or illegal aliens to run roughshod and trample all over our Christian Inspired Constitution. Americans have become too complacent, way too Lethargic! And this is why Obama has been allowed to hire so many radical Muslims into top jobs on Capitol Hill; The Justice Department, The NSA, FBI, Homeland Security and many other sensitive positions within the US State Department.


photo via nowtheendbegins.com

So is it any wonder when in two separate incidents Radical Jihadists(Muslims) have infiltrated government facilities and perpetrated vicious terrorist acts of lethal violence against our service men?And don’t be fooled by all the grandstanding and mushy words from pope Francis. It was not so long ago that all his talk about tolerance and do onto others had turned into insults. Against Israel, calling it an occupier in effect and invader. As he supports a Palestinian state, but won’t go as far as admitting their commitment to the destruction  of Israel?” JRH-2015 NDMH-USA


OUR GLOBE TROTTING POPE -FACING MECCA- AS HE PRAYS WITH MUSLIM GRAND MUFTI. WHY NOT FACE JERUSALEM?http://strongandresolute.blogspot.com/2015/09/180-examples-that-obama-is-radical-pro.html

The war between Radical Islam never seized it just went on and on. Even in the 1930’s we can see the Grand Mufti of Palestine instigating, in charge of, and conspiring with Adolph Hitler for the destruction of all Jews, CATHOLICS and many other minorities! In the pictures I am posting here you will find Bosnian Muslims under the control and orders of the grand mufti of Palestine kneeling down in traditional Islamic prayer pose wearing Nazi uniforms.



Moving right along, we find the grand mufti of Palestine

during World War II on parade before his Bosnian-

Muslim Nazi Brigades.


Further on we see the grand mufti of Palestine

meeting face to face with his partner

Jew killer Adolph Hitler, Just after agreeing

to do with Jews from the Middle East the same as

was being done to Jews in Europe!


The following photo is that of the Bosnian-

Nazi Islamic Brigade Notice their SWORD!

Below is a photo of the Bosnian Nazi-Muslim Brigade soldiers proudly posing just before they set out to kill Jews!


Below is the photo of some of Hitlers Jewish Holocaust survivors!


Make no mistake about it. What we are seeing today in the personifications of Hitler, Mussolini, Radical Islamic killers, Atheists, and Anarchists. Along with the Homosexual Agenda, Radical Leftist Jurists -legislating from the bench-, the persecution of Christians and so many others. Not only in America but throughout the world, is the Revival of the culture, lifestyles, and blasphemous hedonism of Sodom and Gomorrah!





Now the politically correct police is demonizing a Christian Conservative candidate for office simply because he has made the most gutsy and honest comments of this entire campaign. Ben Carson has said that he doesn’t think a Muslim should be president.

After our entire state department is infiltrated with radical Muslims, Mosques are going up all over the nation, Jihadist terrorist training camps are scattered all over the land and gaining ground in numbers. indoctrination of our children in schools is the reality of everyday life, as Islamic billboards to indoctrinate the population are scattered all over the country.

Muslim brotherhood operatives have been seen going in and out of the White House on a fairly regular basis. The Iranian Ayatollah has sworn that deal or no deal Israel will be wiped off the face of the Earth and America will be brought to its knees. As the Muslim call to prayer can be heard in Washington DC.

Jihadists are running lose shooting up our men in uniform, tens of millions of un-vetted Islamic refugees have invaded Europe at will, while Christians are being beheaded in the tens of thousands. Obama is set to grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens as he throws the doors wide open and exclusively to all un-vetted Islamic refugees!”JRH-NDMH-USA 2015