This Nation Needs to Get its Priorities in Order; In My Opinion by John R. Hernandez, Jr.

An Occasional Inspirational Message by the Founder of New Dawn Media

If you want to win elections you’ve got to understand what is hurting people the most and how you intend to help this society handle its problems in the face of this nation’s worst economic disaster since the great depression. In my opinion the answer to this nations problems are clear and easy to deal with once the leadership of this nation has decided to gets it’s priorities in order. 1). Bankruptcy lawyers, trustees and the courts need to help their clients create payment plans in harsh economic times instead of walking out on them. 2). Employers must not be allowed to confiscate a laid off employee’s pension savings during harsh economic times; even if they have only been there a little less than three years. 3). People that are paying their way through Land and Home package contracts need just as much help as traditional mortgage holders. Instead they were ignored and their issues were not addressed during all the time the US Congress and others on Capital Hill held their hearings concerning foreclosures and real estate related discussions. 4). Universities need to understand that during harsh economic times denying debtors a payment arrangement (which happened to me) is not the best way to try and help get this nation back on it’s feet. Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Aid to Families and Dependent Children, Food Stamps, Welfare and many other programs administered individually or in conjunction with faith based institutions must never be dismantled or slashed. Instead this nation must be made aware that further aid is needed, stronger programs with far better implementations of care and aid to the less fortunate must be put into place. We have but one way out of the cancerous malaise that has affected this nation for far too long and that is through furthering our present infrastructure of programs for the less fortunate and needy and developing stronger programs to reinforce those at the bottom of this nations class structure. Because of their contribution to our society this nation is alive and on its way back to a complete recovery but not without the miraculous intervention of God Almighty. If we are experiencing this nation’s worst economic decline it is because of our indulgence with war and our apathetic treatment of those we’ve taken for granted for far too long. If this nation’s leadership would embark on an economic renewal and recovery mission much like the mission of war that we have been indulging in for the past 18 years we would be able to balance our priorities and get the economy back in gear. But somehow this nations leadership for far too long has been focused on foreign intervention and less focused on social and economic intervention in this nation. This nation’s leadership has been ignoring the most important priorities. This nation has forgotten the word of God and his priorities. He tells us, “Come to me and never thirst again and never forget to feed and clothe those less fortunate among you”. When are we going to get it through our heads that we will never save the world without God’s approval and guidance and we will never get it done if we are bankrupt and incapable of defending ourselves? If we are to reap God’s blessings we are to read God’s word and act upon it and not go blindly throughout the world building coalitions with nations who themselves are to blame for the majority of the economic and social instabilities they face. We know this is the truth and we know this is the problem. Yet, we build coalitions with those who support our enemies and those who pay for the mistakes that this nation’s leadership has and is making are paying it through the sacrifice and blood of hundreds if not thousands of our nation’s innocent children. This nation’s leadership is so hell bent on this new world order, this global consolidation of power in the hands of the few over the will of the many that it seems nothing we say will make a difference and am afraid not even what God has to say. Remember that all throughout history the facts state that those who turn their face away from God have faired badly. Jesus says, “Behold, I stand at the door and nock, if anyone has ears to listen let him answer me and bid me entrance wisely and I will stand with him”. This nation is behaving like a true drunkard, staggering up to the bar stool looking for another drink from those who it once believed to be its friends. But who are now or soon to be removing the limitless tab it has been building. If this nation wants to return to the bullpen of the global playing field it has to bolster its economic leverage, realize that further global defense campaign spending and utter disregard of the word of God and his authority, will only bring self destruction. And furthermore taking out your problems on the less fortunate, the disadvantaged and helpless will never win you favor with God.


John R. Hernandez


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