By John R Hernandez@NDMH-USA 2015

…while to others it’s an attempt at re-writing truth and history; as they discredit and or disavow the very rights and or existence of those they oppose! Those who oppose Israel fail to recognize that in doing so they are also opposing everything this nation ever stood for. Israel and America are the only true Democracies in a world filed with so much Confusion, Disillusionment, and Godlessness!

“Actor Danny Glover is telling us he supports Cultural and Academic sanctions against Israel. While, basic hypocrisy should tell us that attempting to place a cultural and academic stranglehold on Israel is as unpopular as it is senseless. Simply by the sheer fact that Israel’s cultural and academic contributions to humanity in its short existence as a State. Are astronomical, when describing the wealth of its phenomenal impact on global societies. So the point is moot.

But the height of hypocrisy here is to enjoy the fruits of others’ labor, while attacking their very existence. To stop watching this man’s movies is a conscious decision we can make, based on the bigger picture; of everything that is bound and or affected by it. Since he himself is making a conscious decision to try and demean Israel’s Academic and Cultural contributions; whose result may cause a small financial impact.

On another vein we should never stop being aware of the fact that, while Palestinians deserve equal rights as other global citizens. Their actions and words speak more of their ulterior intentions, just as those of this actor. Which further fans the flames of antisemitism, by standing in support of a cultural and academic (Jihad) boycott of Israel. Is absurd to say the least.

While, even through all the wars, suicide bombings, and rocket attacks; Israelis still continue to love and help the very people who want their ultimate demise. How some people like Mr. Glover fail to see this part of the story is beyond me!While, they continue to churn out the same old false narrative of Palestinians as being the only ones who have been persecuted here; is so phony as it’s ludicrous.

When all throughout history Israel has been the underdog; persecuted, invaded, enslaved, captured and removed from their lands. Which have been burned down, utterly destroyed, and left in hollowed ruins. Whose entire history has been in question and vehemently denied by the likes of Iran’s leaders and many others, and whose documents, transcripts, and biblical libraries were ransacked and burned down.

Though some survived; the scattered remains of the Israeli people were strewn about throughout the world like nomads. Only to be treated as less than human, enslaved, and made to live as outcasts in many places as some are yet to be identified and still scattered throughout the world. Though Mr. Glover’s aim may seem borne out of compassion to send a message which resonates with his ideals and beliefs, regarding a people he thinks have been persecuted and or occupied.

The fact remains that Israel is still one of the largest contributors of charitable financial, medical, and personal aid to Palestinians for decades. While, most people in the global community agree that those who have taken the position that they are the benefactors in charge of Palestine’s fate; have been proven to be haters, racists, and in bed with terrorists. Who wish to negotiate through violence and the killing of innocent people.

In fact it is known that HAMAS, Palestine’s partner with the Palestinian Organization has laundered money through questionable global entities, including Iran, in order to further incite terrorism in the Middle East but, most importantly against Israel. So, while Israel provides aid; food, medicine, and other charitable goods to Palestine. Its leaders provide tools to brainwash Palestinian children with the intentions to turn them into murderers.

And all of this can easily be seen live on Palestinian public and private television networks. So in effect it would appear that those occupying Palestine are nothing less than a bunch of murderous thugs. No different than the same Communists who for over 60 years have occupied the Island of Cuba and have turned it into a poverty stricken lock-down Island Prison. And as an aside, just because the US and Cuba have normalized relations.

That is only a ploy by Liberals in the present administration to garner further support from their list of sympathizers and members of the Latino community for their presidential goals in 2016.As for the people of Cuba while they may reap some economic or financial rewards, the impact of over 60 years in abject imprisonment will take tens of decades to wipe out.

While Obama trots the world bailing out foreigners, neglecting to recognize the impact not only of America’s homegrown Jihadis. But, the plight of this nation’s -homegrown- tens of millions of impoverished and underemployed citizens. Waiting for the revelation of the promises of the Hope campaigns! The prospects seem dim for those planning to to make it to America in the hope of launching a better way of life.

All Obama is doing is opening up the borders to almost anyone with impunity and a reckless oversight of the social and economic impacts. Why not fight to make Mexicans better able to stand up and bring about change to an otherwise corrupt political situation? In the hope that it will then help to make Mexico more accountable to its people? Instead all we see are more -2016- election ploys, clearly visible to those who can’t be bought by these teary eyed illusions.

On the foreign front we see another temporary band-aid as the Nuclear Agreement guarantees Iran hundreds of billions to do what vocally promises never to do. As Palestinians so-called partner of peace, HAMAS, known to be an organization certified globally on top of the List of Terror Groups. Continues to provide further insurrection via the aid and direction of Iran’s most powerful leaders. Who by means of military support such as; rockets, mortar bombs, Molotov cocktails, gun fire, and knife wielding killers; continues to incite global propaganda against Israel.

While, HAMAS and its partners appear to provide little to no real medical, economic, and or financial help to the people they have appointed themselves to oversee. You know, it seems almost ludicrous to see well meaning people though their intentions may be displaced. To think that adding another voice to the otherwise Global crowd of antisemitism and warmongering, that this may be seen as an act of heroism? This is why it came as no surprise to see Danny Glover add his voice to the long list of antisemitic.

Whom by their words and intentions -are no different -than those actions and words of any other global citizen or supporter -of a people openly and directly at war- with the State of Israel. However, it is a sad state of affairs when in America today we are faced with the horrific fact that some members of the administration, the media, academia, and many other walks of life can be so adamantly opposed to Jews?

When frankly as a result of their inventions, collective contributions, and personal efforts; many global citizens -including Palestinians- are alive today! But those who oppose Israel fail to recognize that in doing so they are also opposing everything this nation ever stood for. Israel and America are the only true Democracies in a world filed with so much confusion, disillusionment, and Godlessness!

Why don’t we hear the praises from the likes of those opposed to Israel while Palestinians Enjoy the medical and financial aide they have been freely given? In a manner of speaking, should we as global citizens continue to be hogtied by the twisted mentality and bias of those who use political correctness; as a means to get their message through?And with the impunity, that is reserved exclusively for certain members of one specific group?

While, those who oppose this ridiculous charade had better keep their mouths shut, or they too risk possible belligerent attacks? Often supported by those who truly have no idea and or have any rudimentary handle on the facts; which clearly denotes the truth of the matter. How much media coverage do those who condemn Israel get, as opposed to those who support it? Lastly, cultural and academic scholarship cannot be dimmed or completely shut out by the cries of the opposition.

When the entire historical chronology of the people of Israel and their descendants has somehow miraculously been spread throughout the entirety of our Globe. Mysteriously pointing to the facts inspiring our Founding Fathers to inscribe the words,’Divine Providence’ into the documents which helped to embolden and create the biblical morals. That underpinned, the very foundations of this nation along with the Founders of the State of Israel as their remnants are brought back into the land of Israel.

From every corner of this Earth. Remnants of a people the world hated but, God loved enough to choose as His living inspiration called by His name. Satan hates everything that Israel stands for, because it is the land where Jesus was born in, it is where He beat death and changed the entire paradigm, the rule book was changed. So now ,because of Grace by Faith and not by works are we set free, redeemed, and justified by God’s word.

That there is a very real and monumental purpose for Israel’s continued existence should come as no surprise, a land whose people Hitler with all his millions of demons could never of extinguished. And even after this modern day attempt at genocide they still stand tall, refuse to give up, and represent the lineage predating the prophets of whom Daniel prophesied. But, who the very Word of God throughout the ages has promised and proclaimed; would be left here on this Earth to help light the way for the rest of humanity. Living in the darkness of their -politically incorrect- insanity! JRH-NDMH-USA 2015


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