By John R Hernandez@NDMH-USA 2015

“With no place to go but the dessert, Christians from the Middle East have been expelled by sword wielding members of ISIS. To my knowledge this administration has made no effort to help Christian refugees from the Middle East. While Muslim refugees are being given a new life, funds, and housing to start a brand new fresh right here in the US. Seventy percent of Islam’s refugees are receiving US tax payer public assistance. While US students are ignored! Where is the justice and equity here? As this administration’s bias against Christians is becoming obviously clear! Now I see why President Obama has been heard to say that ours is a Muslim Nation, and why he is now making sure he gets as many millions of them as possible here into the US before he leaves office! ” JRH-USA-NDMH 2015

“The student loan debt-crisis has reached epidemic levels, over 40 million not counting those who have gone underground or committed suicide because of it and government inaction. In the interim very little is coming out of DC to assure students this administration is doing everything possible to bring them any relief. Not unlike the way the Obama administration has acted quickly to provide tens of thousands of Islam’s refugees with a sure asylum in America.

persecuted-church-side-columnWhile the plight of two-hundred thousand Iraqi Christians many of whose lineage dates back over 1,700 years and who historically make up the world’s oldest Christian enclaves,  is in question? After many of them have been expelled out of ISIS controlled areas at the edge of the sword. While the outcome of those who are too weak, poor, and or sickly and elderly to take to the desserts is in question. This administration is showing a dark side with each and almost every decision it takes. That speaks against the welfare and needs of America; the American people and Christians, over those of its enemies.

If we want to see justice and equity in a system that has become burdensome, mentally and physically crippling to the lives of so many men and women? Who once believed that a loan was the way to get that much needed education. Yet, later on they found out that the costs don’t always reflect the possibilities and or opportunities available in today’s employment scheme. This administration along with policy makers must act soon and stop the foot dragging.

One example is where you don’t always have to be the best educated to get the job. Companies and institutions in many cases will simply hire part timers and or under-qualified individuals and train them as they go. To avoid having to pay higher wages to more qualified and educated individuals. Students with enormous debt are being thrown under the bus. Because its cheaper to hire desperate part timers or those who will take the job at any cost without requiring higher wages and or benefits

It’s cheaper and easier for a company to go the easy way out. Companies don’t owe colleges or the Dept of Ed a dang thing. However in my opinion It’s also time to expand the choices available in Student Loan Forgiveness to those that resonate with today’s students and ex-students. We need to provide more choices for individuals to clear their accounts or parts of their accounts.

With additional inclusions of volunteer programs such as in; hospitals both (veteran and public), to rehabilitation service providers, blind and physically handicapped providers, hospices, schools and private institutes of higher learning (to include organizations such as Boys and Girls clubs of America, 4-H, as well as all other privately and publicly funded organizations.

more borrowers and debt copyThere are a myriad of places and opportunities where an individual and individuals may be able to put in some time. either being physically present or via the internet. Where they can get credit for time spent on projects that can be certified towards their getting the needed lowering or termination of their debts to the US Department of Education and others.

But most importantly as in Canada this nations policy makers must push to allow for Student Debt to be included among Bankruptcy petitions. It’s time to unshackle debtors of student loans so that they can go on to become productive citizens and not indebted servants for life. After all if our administration and policy makers can jump to help Muslim refugees by providing them a home in our country?

Surely they can provide equal assistance to US students hogtied with unpayable and intolerable student loans. Let’s put everyone else on a level playing field, and Stop the hypocrisy and bias against Christians and Student debtors or is there an intentional conspiracy here, that few are seeing? Fixing the student debt problem is not rocket science but when we look at the energy lengths, efforts, and the money this administration along with policy makers are taking to jump across the pond to bring Muslim refugees here?

When anyone with a half a brain would know that the issues facing Middle Easterners is the prolonged battle between Shiites and Sunnis. Who for centuries have been at each others throats over who rules Islam? And now this administration has chosen to bring that battle here! Radical Islam’s agenda gas always been to conquer the world. This administration’s accomplishments of helping to bring them into the US (THE BIG SATAN) by the millions.

Along with helping to give refugee status to the millions of illegal aliens, he is helping to set the stage for an Apocalypse scenario unlike ever seen in America.”JRH-2015 NDMH-USAbehead1

“A week ago, Christians were warned to either leave the city of Mosul and other areas under Islamic State control, or they would have to pay a tax or be put to death. Today, nobody has heard from those Christians and nobody knows what is happening to them. Are they being quietly “put to the sword” as this militant strain of Islam asks they be?The Human Rights Watch reported on July 14 that homes in Mosul were painted with red letters to indicate Christian homes. Other homes of Shiite Muslims were also adorned. Christians who have escaped reported being deprived of all their belongings except their clothes. Jewelry, money, automobiles, even food and water were confiscated on the edge of town as Christians were forced to pass through Islamic State checkpoints. However, we know a number of Christians remained, for many reasons. Some were too destitute to travel or had weak and infirm family who could not make the desert trek to safety.”SOURCE:…/internatio…/middle_east/story.php…




“Since 2003, when Saddam Hussein was ousted, Mosul’s Christians, one of the oldest communities of its kind in the world, had seen their numbers dwindle from over 30,000 to just a few thousand, but once ISIS swept into the city in early June, there were reports that the remaining Christians had fled…Interviews on Friday with Christian elders and leaders suggest that in fact many had hung on, hoping for an accommodation, a way to continue the quiet practice of their faith in the city that had been their home for more than 1,700 years. Chaldeans, Assyrians and other sects, including Mandeans, a Gnostic community who revere John the Baptist, could still be found in Iraq, and many made their home on the plains of Nineveh in the north of the country, an area mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Genesis.Friday’s edict, however, was probably the real end. While a few scattered souls may find a way to stay in secret, the community will be gone.A YouTube video shows ISIS taking sledgehammers to the tomb of Jonah, something that was also confirmed by Mr. Hikmat. The militants also removed the cross from St. Ephrem’s Cathedral, the seat of the Syriac Orthodox archdiocese in Mosul, and put up the black ISIS flag in its place. They also destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary, according to Ghazwan Ilyas, the head of the Chaldean Culture Society in Mosul, who spoke by telephone on Thursday from Mosul but seemed to have left on Friday.“They did not destroy the churches, but they killed us when they removed the cross, this is death for us,” he said.”  SOURCE- NYT  


Iraqis attending Mass in June at a church in Al Qosh, where many Christians have fled after being intimidated into leaving their homes in Mosul. CreditAssociated Press



From As reported by, Kirsten Powers 6:56 p.m. EDT August 13, 2014/USATODAY“, On June 10, the barbaric extremists called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) captured the city of Mosul. By mid-July, they issued an edict to the Christians who remained to “convert, leave or be killed.” The White House said nothing. Beginning on July 22, Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., took to the House floor six times toplead for attention from the Obama administration as a genocide threatened Iraq. Not a word from the president.” SOURCE:

As reported by, Kirsten Powers 6:56 p.m. EDT August 13, 2014/USATODAY


(Photo: Brandy Baker, The Detroit News, via AP) In USATODAY story.




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