By John R Hernandez@NDMH-USA 2015


“In the movie Chisum the comment of ‘change’ was similar to what we have today. Christians pinned down between an idolatrous wall of political correctness and elected officials who say one thing and do another. As the invasion of illegals into our southern borders, is the biggest cash crop, big business has seen.

Since NAFTA kicked open the doors for US businesses to swarm all over Mexico with promises of raising the health and quality of life for campesinos, increase their take home pay, rebuild its infrastructure, and provide them with newer better living standards. As a result, while on our side of the border common place double digit unemployment still looms in our most critical communities and a government sponsored invasion of unvetted and unwanted so-called refugees marches on.

As a cache of deadly arms was just intercepted among refugee paraphernalia crossing into Europe. Cuba is unshackled as Russia prepares to turn it into its free 24 hour parking lot in the Caribbean. Iran gets to do as it sees fit, with hundreds of billions of dollars as a result of the freeing of sanctions no doubt to purchase more fusion material, just as Russia invades Syria in the guise of a peace keeping mission.

Flanked by some of its most deadly air power weaponry, as Obama continues to smile to the cameras while pope Francis prays over the dilapidated and broken down tenements and cities of Fidel’s Communist satellite state of Cuba. Iran’s Ayatollah vows death to Israel, an all out offensive against all Americans and Jews wherever you find them. Embattled Syrian Dictator Assad vows to end the uprising if it takes every last bullet in Russian and Iran’s arsenal.

After all, it too is another Communist satellite state unbeknownst to the rebels fighting on the ground to free it from the grips of the madmen who’ve vowed to rid the Middle East of all US influence and intruding communist pact in the works. It’s all in the Bible if you care to read it? As the bandits get their thirty pieces of silver for invading and looting Chisum’s land thinking it’s going to be a picnic, one of them is heard to say they ain’t met Chisum yet?

Radical Islam has gotten a free pass into Europe and this country by way of equally radical and subversive individuals and groups, directly and indirectly connected to them. Their way of life is diametrically and totally opposed to ours, their plans of a future are only limited by our immediate demise. If this invasion of illegals and unvetted refugees continues, this subversive indoctrination by Radical Islamism into our society and our children’s schoolhouses and minds.

Is only further fueling this administration’s about face policy, which frees top Taliban commanders, and it closes our most coveted prisons to hold murderers, rapists, and terrorists. While Cuba is free to spread its communist propaganda along our southern borders and maintain its harbors open to Communist ships. This government will continue to turn a blind eye to the thousands of Radical Islamic subversives.

Infiltrating our top government institutions, while our top leaders turn their back and insult Israel our most trusted ally in the Middle East. Communist Russia lands its carriers and warships along its private parking space inside Syria’s border. As the pope further insults and accuses Israel for occupying its own territory. He now faces America, as he gives his blessing to the union between Communism and Radical Islam.” JRH-NDMH-USA 2015

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