By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

“There are good and bad folks out there who every day must co-exist within a framework of common and legal regulations. Law enforcement is that arm of government we rely upon in order to clarify the do’s and don’ts as we navigate our every day lives. Law Enforcement is what takes the weight of our shoulders and -for the most part- is expected to allow us to go about our lives, seemingly in unscathed. Sadly, though some people take the sacrifice of others and just see it as an obligation. Just like when the teller at the bank is moving too slow, or the cashier at the market appears to be holding the line back, and on and on. We expect things from people while, at the same time, we forget that they are people just like us!

What if the shoe was on the other foot and this officer turned out to be that one guy between you and some tragic situation you haphazardly was confronted with? This kind of disrespect against our men and women in uniform goes beyond the pale of common sense and practicality. If you knew what most officers have to go through to bring that bread home? Or better said if you knew what their life is like and the sacrifices they have to make each and every day? You would think twice before you made a spontaneous decision against our men and women in uniform.

Our nation needs to redefine its personal convictions concerning not just only the men and women in blue but, our armed forces personnel as well. Whether its emergency care or outpatient care, law enforcement officers put their lives on the line. Whenever they hit the streets on or off duty. It is a requirement of their job to be ready at all times. And that requirement is what stands between you and your worst nightmare in today’s day and age. Refusing care to our to dedicated peace officers is an insult to each and everyone of them and an action that should not be tolerated by good law abiding citizens.

Denying our heroes in uniform medical care shows us how shamelessly unpatriotic our nation is becoming. Not unlike, of course how our own members of the armed forces are being denied the comfort of their Christian chaplains. When the mention of Jesus might offend Muslim members; or anyone who finds Christianity offensive, in the first place. At a time when sodomites and bestiality tolerant members of society are finding further reasons to attack Christians at whatever turn available!” JRH-2015 NDMH

MANSFIELD, OHIO — A police officer went to visit an urgent care facility with an eye problem, only to be held at gunpoint by police and escorted out of the building.

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