OBAMA AND HIS COLLEAGUES ARE THREATENING THE FUTURE OF THE US, ISRAEL, AND THE MIDDLE EAST. And placing a wedge between countries America has thrown under the bus!

By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015


“If Obama and Kerry are not stopped, the day will come when we will not be able to avoid the inevitable! The Middle East will go up in a ball of fire and smoke. And Israel will have no choice but to defend itself, as it is already poised to do. At any moment the Middle East could erupt into mayhem. Kerry has just made some sinister and dangerous remarks. That we must make some tough choices. I don’t think I have ever been so incest at him than today. How Kerry and the President of the US could be allowed to set back 3o years of work, to come to this point when they are giving everything back. These decisions, these two men are making are damnable and criminal. How they are not being prosecuted is beyond me?

You talk about inciting unrest? How could anyone sleep when any day now Iran will have all diplomatic shackles removed? Instead of inciting peace and reconciliation? This administration is creating further unrest, further mistrust from its ally’s, further possibilities that neutral and moderate states would capitulate to threats of alignment. With ISIS-L and others, as the fear creeps in. According to news reports the Presidents brother Malik Obama is an open Muslim who has at times been seen wearing Palestinian garb. He has been seen wearing a Palestinian scarf which says, ‘from the river to the sea Palestine will be free’.

So, if some people get apprehensive when the President takes decisions that are directly in contrast to actions and policies. Which, affect the Israeli people and their government. I believe there is some justification in them speaking out. Plus, there are two sides to the story here, and everyone deserves their day. One would have to be suffering from borderline insanity and clear racist tendencies. When one denounces one person’s race in support of another. But, in this case it’s also visibly uncanny how today’s geographical map clearly shows an armada of enemies, weapons ready, surrounding Israel. Led by Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. All waiting for the moment when all hell will break loose.

So, the question is this. Knowing the strategic positioning of Israel’s enemies on every side. Why would you want to unshackle a rouge state such as Iran which is the leading mouthpiece and supporter of global terrorism and death to Israel? In almost every nation in the world some degree of racial tension exists or has existed. So, America is not alone. But, from where I sit in the Bunker, it would seem, that every time -this administration- gets thrown against the wall over it’s outrages decisions. That the race card comes flying out of the White House or from one of its left leaning supporters. Common sense would tell you that there is enough racism, Antisemitism, sectarian unrest, and political wrangling to go around. Personally, I think the use of race baiting, race card, and other divisive weapons in politics is the match -which fuels- and has fueled social unrest.

I think it’s not fair, is racist in an of itself, and serves no positive ends. Holder recently said,’There have been times when I thought that’s at least a piece of it,’ Mr. Holder said, adding that ‘I think that the primary motivator has probably been political in nature … [but] you can’t let it deflect you from … your eyes on the prize.’ And I would ask him, the President, and all others in their camp. How do we place a positive tone or even expect positive results as we see and hear President Obama’s words and actions in support of Iran? While, throwing Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israel, and Jews under the bus? What would motivate an American President to take such an aggressive about face?

It wasn’t too long ago I remember ex-President Clinton tried everything he could to get Arafat and Ariel to sign a deal. Is there no racial undertone -when we do not see- the President standing hand in hand with Benjamin Netanyahu in France? Along with leaders and other dignitaries of some over 40 nations?
The leadership of France had no problem standing up, the people of France, and the world had no problem in showing up. The people of Copenhagen has just stood up and wrapped their arms around their Synagogue in a show of respect and solidarity. Not because they are members of it. But, because Copenhagen chose to stand and go to that place regardless of personal hurt or fear. Standing together as humans in support of victims of Antisemitism!

How do we legitimate his actions or inaction’s as he denounces Israel’s Prime Minister? While at an event, where he delivered one of the most emotionally moving historical speeches since Churchill. I could go on and on. As I see the pope going to Palestine to meet with leaders who from one side of their mouth pretend to be victims. While from the other, they are denouncing, amassing weapons, and digging more tunnels. As they publicly threaten the destruction and annihilation of Jews and Israel, from the face of the Earth? How do we justify this pope’s actions? When he says Israel is an occupier? Two faced, when the next day he goes to a Holocaust victim’s memorial grave-site to pay his respects?

There is something sinister and unsavory, when world leaders and wanna-be leaders, like this pope. Say and do one thing one day, and then do an about face, the following week? Those actions and words in my opinion are tantamount to incitement and borderline race baiting! There is more that I can say. But it’s getting redundant. This administration’s support of Iran -in throwing all sanctions out the window-. Is political suicide and tantamount to Obama mortgaging the barn(his political future). He has threatened the security of the Middle East, he has put Israel in an uneasy position, and has showed his true disdain and animosity for the rule of law.

When it comes to bilateral diplomatic negotiations. One man is not an island. Obama, Kerry, the pope, and their merry band of miscreants are showing to the world -a side never imagined- coming from the leader of the free world. And I am talking about about America! “JRH-2015 NDMH

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says President Obama and Eric Holder are playing the “race card” in suggesting that race is a factor in some of the criticism…

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