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 Someone recently asked a question on social network about cyber-sexing over the internet. Here is my take on this subject. There seems to be some form of conventional wisdom that sort of redefines or crosses the lines from where flirting and boundary perception exists. In my opinion cyber-sexing is another form of role playing or flirting that presides within a realm where the normal and or customary rules and regulations that exist in traditional face to face encounters are absent. No, I think it’s healthy! In fact if you think about it; there is no chance of catching AIDS over a monitor and really who are they cheating with? A piece of hardware and just think he or she is only exercising their muscles. It’s a win-win situation!  And think of this, if someone thinks they have a need to go noodling on the internet it’s a sure-fire sign that the relationship may be (something missing or out of place) in need of repair. Either way, catching it when it’s at that stage is a far better cry than having to hire a detective to check up on your spouse?  Okay, here is where I tell you that, no it is not healthy to seek out self-gratification over the internet and what you may need is to find space and re-think your relationship and what brought you together in the first place. Relationships in mid-career tend to bottom out at times. Because, when we look outside the bubble (box) we begin to pile up all the reasons about the outside world we may or have been missing. Human relationships take time to cultivate and vary by personalities and environments. If we can but a for moment make some connection to God in this subject we may be enlightened in knowing that this human desire to self gratificate oneself; which some choose to call human nature or getting your freak-off is actually something that is both a mental reaction to outward stimulus and a habitual reaction (learned process). That can, is and will eventually become both a mental and a physical aberration. We don’t always look at perversion or self-gratification as a physical need but, as a mental desire that many of us find difficult to overcome. God gave us all the tools and or steps that we need to encounter through the process of procreation. And I might say for the most part this process when it produces itself in a healthy way within a healthy relationship and follows in a Godly fashion can be one of the most rewarding and precious of male-female human relations. When we take God out of the equation as in for example -the Garden of Eden– what we get in return is a man-made new moon or self-appointed feasts of self-worship and idol self-gratification. The word of God or God himself tells us that we are to have no gods before him. Sex outside of the marriage, cybersex, cheating, getting your freak off or whatever you decide to call it is an action that is not in the nature of God’s expectations for and of mankind. Paul the Apostle said the love of money is the root of all evil and one can say that the love of the self, outside of the natural affection between man and woman or familial relationships is an abomination unto the eyes of the Lord-God and Christ His Son. Think of it this way. When man began to lose the importance between Christ’s blood sacrifice and the blood sacrifice of animals this is when God became irrelevant –because- Christ is no longer the center premise of the God story. And many women and children can consider God and Christ to be unimportant or unnecessary. We don’t need another temple, because the word of God and the New Covenant in and of Christ tells us that we are the Temple of God and that Christ has shed his precious and Holy blood over us for the redemption of our souls and the forgiveness of our sins. We do not need another blood sacrifice and we certainly do not ever need another blood sacrifice such as; in the blood of bulls, or rams or he goats. When we forget, set aside, eliminate, remove from our lives and minds what Christ’s sacrifice means to mankind; when this happens the rules or God’s laws are thrown out the window and mankind such as in the Garden of Eden story begins to make his own choices and set his own rules on how he/she will run his or her life. This is why we have a lack of control in relationships, the expelling of men from their natural place within the family, a lack of communication in a Godly way in relationships and why we have the problems, troubles, misunderstandings and disasters in nature and humankind we have today. Remember, now that many of the ordinances of God have already begun to be DISMANTLED; The removal of the pledge of allegiance, the removal of the word of God in many academic institutions, the removal of the Godly wisdom of the fathers for their children and families(almost half of all families are single-parent families),  the removal of the protection and sanctification of life so that now we have over 50 million little babies murdered at the hands of money mongering organizations and individuals, man’s effectual nature to woman is now traded for the unnatural and unhealthy effectual attraction to other men as is of woman for woman. Let me end it this way. When you self -ingratiate be careful that you are not fulfilling the will of some evil-ancient habitual sin of self-worship. For we struggle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world. And, there is more that I can say about this subject but I know that there are sensitive ears out there and this is a family oriented realm –where- I like to just throw out bits and pieces of the issues and like to leave it up to the grown-ups out there to find their way through the mulberry patch as it pertains to those around the table.





Clash of Titans; The Rising Influence of the New Chieftains of the Digital Age


Written and Edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011 http://www.newdawnmedia.wordpress.com http://www.newdawncommunications.blogspot.com


 Looking at social media from the point of view of a published author who is competing with other authors to sell books.

Chapter 1:

 The view from the wall

 Like a fly on the wall I take a closer look at the realm of social media with an ear towards flavoring the muses of our present day social trends.  Meaning that like many, I am a relative new comer -considering- so many of those I have researched in Facebook -for example- who are to my knowledge polished-and-well known–authors. What I have experienced is that many authors who represent a certain genre; for example, the romance authors. Those whirlwind romance novel types or the turn of the century old-money style English Victorian novel writers or the DIY authors, etc.,… Most of which, who tend to gravitate to cliques sometimes of 10, 20 and more 100 who make their nest in such places as Facebook, Linkedin and many other social networking sites; where you will find them en-masse gravitating or better yet hovering to their own respective guru tribal chiefs. It is through this chieftain mentality that they validate their group’s existence and develop rules or pecking orders which reinforce -yet stricter boundaries and territorial laws- against outsiders and often insiders. These laws like the laws of say a pack of wolfs are in place just like in any social/corporate business group which sees the main factor of its existence as the survival of the tribe or clan. Here within the social enclave of the group lies the periphery, the stage where all the member/actors play out their ritual/dances before the social media spectators and passersby. Replete with the usual/customary tribal rituals meant to either communicate to the clan or tribe or group, messages that are meant to inform or warn its members about trends, probable new candidate tribal members and or current events within and without their sphere of influence. My argument concerning social media such as Facebook and all the others mentioned or unmentioned is for the purposes of exploring the conversation. and not attacking the eventual values of social media in and of itself. It  is what I see whe I peer from the wall;  that although places like Facebook and others offer vast realms of information on specific groups and their practices within the inner circles of those groups to new- comers on the net, they have yet to sort out the old adages and or old clichés and pecking orders. Tribal attitudes that have stained the reputation of the old guard within the printed book realm and it is within this printed book realm that there are myriads of cliques from every brand of writing style. Just like parachute salesmen and or chicken soup vendors and anyone just walking into the industry will find -pitched- and ready to invite, to warn off and or to destroy the most valiant of souls lurking into the old-guard canvas/paved world of printed matter. And what I am saying is that already no doubt as far back as the first few months of the take-off of eBook publishing; the barriers and lines were beginning to take form in cyberspace. Where, as in the early days of the concrete mortar-paved world of publishing; the clans and factions and warring groups within this new industry have begun to shape the future realms within the re-creation and transformation of traditional book publishing -as we have known it. Just like journalists gravitate to their own specific cliques and parachute salesmen gravitate to their own tribal specific enclaves- so has social media begun to adopt- the attitudes and practices and status quo behavior of the old guard brick and mortar mentality.


Chapter 2:

How open is social media going to be to the untold millions of new and coming indie- authors created by these new phenomena of digital publishing? Imagine that we are going from a few million brick and mortar authors to a catastrophic untold number. Hungry to claim their fair share of sales, audience attention and loyalty amassing and swarming in droves through the whole of the digital social spheres? My answer would be that as with any transformation from the old guard to the new; the old rules and adages have to give some ground to the crashing waves  of new ideals and promoters of these new ideas; often where rules have little to no value. Your ideas, however well-meaning –where- the survival or your tribe or clan are now being convoluted and threatened by those of the masses of new authors; who have yet to find their unique spheres of gravitational orbits for which to worship at the lap of the new and rising Digital Age Chieftains! 



..meanwhile, back to the unemployed and putting food on the table….



Written and Edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr. (c) 2011 http://www.newdawnmedia.wordpress.com  http://www.newdawncommunications.blogspot.com


Not too long ago I created a petition that in my opinion would open the door and I hope the eyes of today’s politicians. A petition that would help get 15 million people back to work. But it fell on deaf ears.You ever wonder how or why it is that what is really strange is how -we can see eye to eye- on this issue but, those around us refuse to step out of their self created, self insulated and self contained world of darkness and apparent ignorance. I will for the sake of 15 million unemployed and more men and women out there who are suffering day and night; the sake of the children and the elderly and those less fortunate amongst us. Try to be upbeat and more optimistic and pray that this petition will not completely fall on deaf ears like the others -I have- proposed. The Lord is my strength and my salvation. I have taken up my cross. Because, out of my weakness I have found my strength. See what comes out of them; see how they speak and what they say closely and you will find the answers. Entitlements as they like to call them to make these acts of kindness and charity seem petty and useless! The shame of it is that when you do have an excellent idea it’s hard to sell it -because- there are some in power that want this disastrous economic condition to continue. It’s like when the young men and women were sent out to the battle fields riddled with mines. There has been some progress in that area but should it have taken so long, so many lives and so many amputations? Many are actually tuning a profit while others are loosing their lives savings just trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. The oil companies are reaping great profits. Instead of the President or someone on Capital Hill forcing them to lower their prices during these dire economic times they are allowed keep raising prices. As you know, a great deal of that segment of the population that has a steady good paying job and sees and hears what is going on refuses to do anything to help their fellow brothers and sisters in need. The Spirit of the Anti-Christ; that Spirit represented by all the greed and selfishness in mankind is still alive and well and possessing many. But, over this Spirit is the Spirit of the False Christ; the one that lives and breathes in the hearts of man. This same Spirit that is the one -which embodies many in high positions of leadership- is the one charged with the responsibility of gathering the masses of those that have fallen away. This is a powerful Spirit whose ultimate aim is to change; to turn things around; to confuse and to confound; to subjugate and to possess.  Pretending otherwise, that they must be in control and given the power to run nations –because- they have brainwashed many into believing that those below them are incapable of ruling themselves!!! The attributes of greed and selfishness feed the fires of hatred and disdain especially against the true children of God. Ultimately, the forces of the evil ones will attempt to take control and once again subjugate mankind until they bring this nation down like they have tried to in the past. Only by dismantling the system that we have grown to know and to love can they hope to control the masses. The Bible tells us in Ephesians’ that we struggle not against flesh and blood but against Powers and Principalities and Rulers of the Darkness of this World. The Bible also warns us that those who have eyes to see should use them and those who have ears to listen should use them but, many have fallen asleep; have fallen away, have lost their true love their true faith and have supplanted it with what on the outside appears true and real but on the inside it is an abomination of all un-cleanliness. The unprecedented political landslides of the last year is a warning to those who have fallen asleep that they need to wake up and fight to support those that have and are trying to bring about a better change for this nation and not an empty useless bunch of gestures and false promises that ultimately will bring back to where we were on the eve of what could have been the greatest disaster this nation would have faced since the Great Depression. What is so sad is how many have been helped by what this administration has done but so few will readily stand up and admit to it. We need to have a government that is strict about leading with a firm conviction that selfishness and greed are the true foundations of all corruption. Finally, take a serious look at what Ephesians is telling us; Rulers with Powers over Principalities in High Places! This is the embodiment of corrupt political systems that rule over mankind!  




Apathy is America’s greatest enemy

Written and edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011 http://www.newdawnmedia.cwordpress.com   http://www.newdawncommunications.blogspot.com


75 years of relative peace and prosperity have helped to create a nation that is manically self absorbed on its self and less interested in the threats that are lurking from outside sources and especially from inside its own territories and halls of power.  911 should have been a wakeup call instead it became a global witch-hunt for the search for one man. 15 years since Bin Laden began his global Jihad againstAmericaandIsraelhe was no where to be found. In less than three years under the administration of President Obama, Bin Laden is now reportedly dead and many more of his supporters and staunchest partners in crime have fallen. These news would be good if Americans would ever wake up and read between the lines. Somehow I cannot help but think that this will be its undoing. Apathy isAmerica’s greatest enemy.   We didn’t crawl in we were forced in by worthless despicable scoundrels. Back in Hitler’s time many in the middle classes and upper classes thought that if they supported the Nazi’s schemes that they would escape the gas chambers and atrocities that followed. Today inAmericawe have a group of people that hate the poor and less fortunate. They find them to be a scourge, a drain on the resources of those who have self appointed themselves as the caretakers of this new century. Like the Nazi’s of the 1930’s who walked into power at a time whenGermanysuffered from  great economic distress and the demoralization of a lost war. They told the people what they wanted to hear and once having attained power they began to develop a systematic model for control ofWestern Europeand eventually the world. Unlike Communism who saw religion merely as a callous on the foot Nazism sees religion as its fiercest enemy to be eradicated forever. If you look back you will find how Hitler used and lied to the Catholic Bishops and those in positions of power within the Christian Hierarchies in order that he could attain control of the German people and most ofWestern Europe. At first the systematic elimination of the poor, the aging,  persons of color and others deemed undesirable was thought to have been kept quiet. But soon the news got out and eventually his popularity began to fail as his war machine began to crumble under the heavy pressures of the allied forces. Americans for almost 75 years now have enjoyed the luxuries of an unparalleled freedom. They have fallen asleep by virtue of 75 years of peace and prosperity. But there are elements in this nation and this world working hard and fast to bring this nation to its knees and to recreate the fallen remnants of the Third Reich. Americans have forgotten what the words anarchists and traitors truly mean. Today a segment of those who wield great power over this nation have begun a systematic dismantling of all the great social programs that were built to sustain and support this nations elderly, the poor, the infirmed and less fortunate. Thereby diminishing their strength and power to fight back when and at what time the next step in the master plan takes place. By weakening the financial markets, by throwing the economy into a tailspin and pitting this nation against its long-term allies they hope to bring it to its knees and walk into power.





Written and Edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr.

All source quotes have no editing except where emphasis used


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“Proverbs21:13   Whoever shuts his eyes to the cry’s of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard.”

“Proverbs14:31He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker, But he who honors Him has mercy on the needy.” jrh684156@gmail.comjohnrhernandezhttp://newdawnmedia.wordpress.com1

From; John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011



Submitted on 2011/05/16 at12:11 pm

Hi Digital Poet,

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I was working on my other issues: http://newdawncommunications.blogspot.com/2011/05/thoughts-from-on-art-of-being-great.html. Stop by there and check it out and leave a comment if you like! I sincerely appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Hope to hear from you soon and try and stop by Smashwords.com and checkout my book “In the Birth of a New Dawn” and let me know what you think of it. I would be honored if you left me a comment there and all my sites in whatever it is God puts in your heart. Tell everyone you can about my sites and my books and don’t forget the coupon codes RK42A. You’re welcomed back here anytime!

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Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading it very much. Checking up on peoples poetry and writing is something I do often. I try to keep up with today’s trends so I’m more active in the writing community. Thanks again for sharing this.


By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 8/2011



This is the Republican comment to Standard and Poor’s downgrading of the US credit rating, “Unfortunately, decades of reckless spending cannot be reversed immediately, especially when the Democrats who run Washington remain unwilling to make the tough choices required to put America on solid ground,” >> [This statement by Boehner gives the reader the impression that for decades the Democrats have been the spenders] << Speaker John A. Boehner, an Ohio Republican, said in a statement.”

If I remember correctly it was and has been the Republican’s voracious appetite for control of energy resources at whatever means along with it’s global warmongering and it’s questionable relationship with defense contracting and spending; not necessarily because of any overall US policy or interest in pursuing major profits in these areas but as a result of a global energy consortium of conglomerates that wish to take hold and have taken hold of much of this previous decades global oil and gas research and exploration projects-at whatever length. Take for example some of the quotes from HALLIBURTON WATCH.ORG and other internet sites readily available to you once you do the search like I have;

This is just the tip of the iceberg that makes Boehner’s smug eyes roll-over and pretend to know nothing about; just the beginning of a pile of intel you can find if you just do the searches. I don’t get paid to do the searches and bring these comments only that, there should be a fair and balanced dissemination of intel so that people will stop being brainwashed erroneously by the right wing rhetoric against the Democrats. There are lots of things I don’t agree with on the Democratic side and when I am ready I will do my search as you should and expose it for what it is. Furthermore, I am in publishing and media consulting and publicizing my published works such as my new book, “In the Birth of a New Dawn”.

But I have a burning desire to expose human injustice and atrocities against mankind. Something that I had hoped to pursue as I studied atRutgerstrying to get my Journalism Degree and eventual masters. Having to leave it all behind to do what I thought a farther should do when faced with the mother of his child running off 1,000 miles in the opposite direction. I made the conscious choice to chase after her and derail my aspirations. But it never deterred me, my hunger and thirst for social justice has never ands will never be squelched until they put a bullet into my head. Because some of us love our children despite our own best interests and some of us love to fight against social injustices wherever we see them despite the consequences. We may not always be right in someone eyes or succeed but that we bring that fair and balanced approach unlike another is sufficient enough to let the world know that their are two sides to every story and not just one. 

Take a look at this;

1). “January 30, 2004: New York Times columnist, Bob Herbert, details how Halliburton evadesU.S.taxes and export bans by establishing foreign subsidiaries. Halliburton’s Wendy Hall admits the company paid only $15 million in taxes in 2002 even though the company earned $339 million in profits from continuing operations and $12.5 billion in total revenue.”

But in,

2). “January 2004: Halliburton discloses that a subsidiary paid a $2.4 million bribe to a Nigerian government official’s business in exchange for favorable tax treatment.” From Halliburton Watch.com

Then in,

3). “January 25, 2004: CBS Television’s 60 Minutes program shows how Halliburton does business with Iran even though U.S. law bans companies from doing business with the country.” From HalliburtonWatch.org

And in,

4). “January 26, 2004:New York City’s controller accuses Halliburton of taking blood money from state sponsors of terrorism, such asIranandLibya. Controller William Thompson – who oversees an $80 billion pension fund for city workers – says cops and firefighters are outraged that their retirement portfolios include stock in U.S. firms getting fat off contracts with rogue nations like Iran, which funds the terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas and is suspected of giving sanctuary to Al Qaeda leaders.” From Halliburton Watch.org

There is so much more but if you don’t go and do the search you will blindly be lead by what some on capital hill or some scoundrels on conservative radio or Christian broadcasting will lead you to believe!



  • How the Christian Broadcasting radio waves have been taken over by the right wing hiding behind the cloak of religion and moral values to help espouse their rhetoric and to take control of the masses by bombarding them with reckless disinformation.
  • Why the US Defense Department and the leaders of our armed forces should have been more focused on the fact that an attack was eminent against those involved with the capture of Bin Laden the murderer?
  • Why did it take so long to capture Bin Laden and why did it take place in July 2011; just at the crux of the declaration of their accumulated war chests by US political parties was about to be revealed?
  • Why did the gas prices seem to plummet during (June to July) this time and then slowly inch back up to the disastrous levels they have been in for the past years?
  • Who or what is really behind the fluctuating gas prices and why?
  • How much money has been spent on global warmongering by the Republican administrations of the George Bush’s? And what effect has it had on our economy and why is so little being talked about this phenomenon?
  • Who or what is really behind wanting our economy to fail and eventually crash?

Below is a book that you can purchase to help support my ability to keep bringing you more poetry books and from time to time more of that fair and balanced opinions and facts they don’t want you to know; and in return you get to keep an heirloom of poetry worth thousands more the price for one copy. You can get a copy of this book at Barnes and Noble, Diesel.com, Kobo.com Scrollmotion.com and especially at Smashwords.com as always with a nice discount for Mark Coker fans of 25% by using the code provided at his webpage’s.

“In the Birth of a New Dawn” By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

Other things I do for which I receive no compensation for!!

Fighting for Social Justice


Besides spending tireless hours on the pc working on my webpage’s, creating petitions, working on promoting my books; when everyone else is sleeping and for editing and writing stories and doing the research and creating poetry and being a social watchdog.


I was like you once in the past scared, brainwashed and confused by all the rhetoric. I fought my way out of that and decided to find my own answers to the things that burned inside for which I doubted if I was being told the truth. My book is one way you can support someone just like you. But, in return you get the truth and a nice beautiful book of poetry.


You are not making a donation or contributing to anything. You can buy the book and walk away and or stay and support social justice by purchasing my next book and continue to enjoy and fight for the truth! Never forget the truth is out there.



I just created a petition entitled President, House of Representatives,
Senate, and Corporate America:  America Working Nationwide Program, because I
care deeply about this very important issue.

I’m trying to collect 100 signatures, and I could really use your help.
To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click
It’ll just take a minute!

Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well.
Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread
the word!




My book “In the Birth of a New Dawn; my compilation of prose in English and Spanish is till on sale at Smashwords.com at a 50% off discount by using code BP52H for a limited time only.


My English and Spanish Compilation of Prose

"To Grieve no More" can be found inside this book along with a discount at Smashwords.com coupon code BP52H






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  2. John R Hernandez
    ‎”We measure the true value of a man’s abilities by the distance he will travel to find the places where he can wash his soul clean; of all the pestilences of inner ignorance and anitpathy of others he deems less worthy of a minute of his time…” JRH-2011
    John R Hernandez
    ‎”The reason why there has been such little response to all of my petitions is because the majority suffers from the antipathy of the lower classes. It is this hatred of those they deem unworthy that fuels their ignorance. It is also their reluctance to see beyond the dirt beneath them that clouds the existence of the reality of what is truly before them. And so the very essence of life escapes th…em along with the importance of the meaning of it. Man builds castles to his own self ingratiation, walls to keep those deemed less than perfect from and a place where he can sit beside the thrones of mental giants; to feed his lusting and insatiable appetite to dream, to build, to torment, and destroy…”JRH-2011See More..
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    .PublicJohn R Hernandez
    ‎”The reason why there has been such little response to all of my petitions is because the majority suffers from the antipathy of the lower classes. It is this hatred of those they deem unworthy that fuels their ignorance. It is also their reluctance to see beyond the dirt beneath them that clouds the existence of the reality of what is truly before them. And so the very essence of life escapes th…em along with the importance of the meaning of it. Man builds castles to his own self ingratiation, walls to keep those deemed less than perfect from and a place where he can sit beside the thrones of mental giants; to feed his lusting and insatiable appetite to dream, to build, to torment, and destroy…”JRH-2011See More


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