My 2011 Labor Day Message; A Look Back At A Nation In Turmoil,  My Prayers For Healing And A Look Ahead In Honor Of  September 11th

Written and Edited By John R. Hernandez, Jr.



In honor of our brave heroes who gave their lives during the search and rescue on September 11, 2001 and the families of loved ones and all others affected by this tragedy. I have decided to offer my new book “In the Birth of a New Dawn; My English and Spanish Compilation of Prose” at a special discount of 50% off  by using code HH48L only at


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Using Religion to Insight the Masses

Written and edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

Perry talks a lot about prayer and nothing about (substance) figuring out a way to stop the continuing loss of jobs. Using religion to opiate the masses is an ages old trick. A criminal such as a woman beater for example pleads and begs for forgiveness after physically and verbally abusing his or her spouse. A gambler does the same after loosing all the money on a night out with friends. and when all else fails they use the ages old trick; they get down on their knees and invoke the sacred name of God by swearing it won’t ever happen again. Invoking God’s Holy name after you have mercilessly and deliberately ran this nation into the gutter is a blasphemy in the eyes of the Lord. Funny that this nation is too gullible to see what God sees?? As for Perry and his crowd I suggest they need to start by asking for forgiveness. There is one man from Puerto Rico who claims to be the embodiment of god on Earth. He will sit with popular  -news-  investigators sipping large amounts of whiskey and all his favorite liquors in front of the camera; while smiling at those around him and at home watching. He pretends he is god and he receives millions upon millions of contributions yearly. When asked about his drinking habits. He replies that god wants him to do all he desires and god is not here to stand between him and his desires, that those that claim to be true believers don’t want to tell the people about the true god. Those that use or invoke the name of God for their own eventual self gratification and individual aggrandizement are blasphemers and anti-Christs. 



Looking Back

Written and edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

I will long remember 2011 and all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way and the many sweet words of kindness some have showered upon me. I will not forget the rejections, the prejudice, the racism and hatred forced upon me by some. But, as I look back at my involvement in social activism and change I will never understand why some did not sign the petitions I created to help the less fortunate and or why they did not bother to check out my books or my websites. This year once again has taught me  so much more about friendship. Haters I can understand -because- it is in their nature to be as such. But to see and feel such little support and gestures of true kindness from those who now I see are only pretending to be my friends, how so sad of them. But, I must thank them for this, for helping me to learn so much more about their true character and intentions. On this Labor Day Celebration I thank my Mom and Father for all the labor of their hands and the love of their hearts on behalf of my life. I pray for those who lost their lives at the hands of abortion doctors, those who gave up, those who were victims of mindless wars, decease, drugs and abuse. And especially pray for all of those who regard me as another abortion in their hearts and minds and thank you for showing me your true self. You’ve taught me so much!

JRH 2011




Apathy is America’s greatest enemy

Written and edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

75 years of relative peace and prosperity have helped to create a nation that is manically self absorbed on its self and less interested in the threats that are lurking from outside sources and especially from inside its own territories and halls of power.  911 should have been a wakeup call instead it became a global witch-hunt for the search for one man. 15 years since Bin Laden began his global Jihad against America and Israel he was no where to be found. In less than three years under the administration of President Obama, Bin Laden is now reportedly dead and many more of his supporters and staunchest partners in crime have fallen. These news would be good if Americans would ever wake up and read between the lines. Somehow I cannot help but think that this will be its undoing. Apathy is America’s greatest enemy.   We didn’t crawl in we were forced in by worthless despicable scoundrels. Back in Hitler’s time many in the middle classes and upper classes thought that if they supported the Nazi’s schemes that they would escape the gas chambers and atrocities that followed. Today in America we have a group of people that hate the poor and less fortunate. They find them to be a scourge, a drain on the resources of those who have self appointed themselves as the caretakers of this new century. Like the Nazi’s of the 1930’s who walked into power at a time when Germany suffered from  great economic distress and the demoralization of a lost war. They told the people what they wanted to hear and once having attained power they began to develop a systematic model for control of Western Europe and eventually the world. Unlike Communism who saw religion merely as a callous on the foot Nazism sees religion as its fiercest enemy to be eradicated forever. If you look back you will find how Hitler used and lied to the Catholic Bishops and those in positions of power within the Christian Hierarchies in order that he could attain control of the German people and most of Western Europe. At first the systematic elimination of the poor, the aging,  persons of color and others deemed undesirable was thought to have been kept quiet. But soon the news got out and eventually his popularity began to fail as his war machine began to crumble under the heavy pressures of the allied forces. Americans for almost 75 years now have enjoyed the luxuries of an unparalleled freedom. They have fallen asleep by virtue of 75 years of peace and prosperity. But there are elements in this nation and this world working hard and fast to bring this nation to its knees and to recreate the fallen remnants of the Third Reich. Americans have forgotten what the words anarchists and traitors truly mean. Today a segment of those who wield great power over this nation have begun a systematic dismantling of all the great social programs that were built to sustain and support this nations elderly, the poor, the infirmed and less fortunate. Thereby diminishing their strength and power to fight back when and at what time the next step in the master plan takes place. By weakening the financial markets, by throwing the economy into a tailspin and pitting this nation against its long-term allies they hope to bring it to its knees and walk into power.






 From “Beyond the Dawn”                                                 A new book by John R. Hernandez, Jr.

Only when you’ve walked the miles barefooted, hungry, beaten down by the waiting hands of fate. Only when you’ve laid your head neath the quiet still of night in the perilous bush, inside the shelter of a broken down old favela and heard the cries of impending death and hunger. Till you’ve seen the eyes of starvation and poverty and the pride that comes from a life of hatred and disdain and only when you’ve fought not to save your own worthless soul; but, the one down in the gutter looking back at you as you pass him or her by, from day to day.  A thousand generations we’ve chosen to ignore, to silence, to oppress and to enslave; till you looked beyond their eyes, their skin color, their broken bones, their sweat and tears and peered deep into their souls. Her sunken face worn and aged from exposure to the long hot summer days; repeatedly marching over the stains of grieve and sweat. Along the wrath of tears and bloodshed, generation after generation. Unconquered terrains of the nomadic wanderings in the search to fill the thirst and feed the hunger of her soul. Always trying to be the silent partner, the  stalwart of her clan, the anchor in the storm, the fortress of knowledge and strength to her own. Dispensing what she can, unlike the virtues and luxuries of a fireplace neath the sparkling lights of a Christmas tree, we may share, in mid winter filled with party gifts and trinkets. Yet, at whatever the cost she will dig the ground with her aging broken bones, she will walk along the hundred mile terrains often covered with dust and the blistering heat of famine to steal and hold and cherish one moment of peace, one moment of joy in the coolest of nights; under the sparkling lights of the midnight moons. For her there is no rest, her eyes have seen the marriage of chance and change beaten back into submission by an inhospitable and ruthless nature. Whose only hope is staying one step ahead of the famine, one more step ahead of the dragon lurking in the shadows; awaiting to steal her soul. Proudly she  instills into her offspring the pearls of her culture handed down by ancestors; generation after generation laid in parchments of famine not skin or paper, not disk or digital, not the sweet music of our airways; that blast that imprisons us from our senses and all that we choose to ignore from the world around us.  She hands down her pride, her strengths, her wisdom, her victories against decease and the never ending battle to shed the bars and chains of horror and tears.

What is a Favela? The quote here is borrowed from

“The first favela is thought to be created in November 1897 when 20,000 veteran soldiers were brought toRio de Janeirowith no place to live. They also grew in size and quantity as slaves were brought from A frica with no place to live after liberation in 1888. Then, as housing development and trade flourished forBrazil, the quality of living and income gap expanded along sideRio’s city size. About 10% of Brazil’s population earns[s] 50% of its income and 34% live below poverty. Currently in Riot here are over 600 favelas taking approximately 40% of it[s]population.”





It is easier for a Camel to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich person to get into the Kingdom of God; reading between the lines!

By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

The word of God says that the antichrist will attempt to sit himself on the Throne of the Almighty in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and cause him to be worshipped as if he was God. The anti-Christ is not just a future ruler that will conquer the world and subject humanity into worshiping him. But, the anti-Christ is a spirit being, a demonic force that can and has the will and power to control the actions and decisions of humans. Even the Vatican itself has an exorcist who performs rituals on those they deem possessed. Possession is not anything new; it is the way Satan embodies the weak and helpless. It has taken President Obama two and one half years to accomplish what has taken well over 15 years for the Bush’s to fail upon. Today, their henchmen whine and cry because they could not win back the White House. While, their counterparts on Capital Hill have created a campaign of cheap shots and practical slander; from the Christian airwaves on. A daily charade of attacks and insults aimed at he President and his Party based almost on slanderous allegations of ineptitude and even to the depths of slinging words of malice. Creating the illusion before the masses that they are holy and contrite by the whimsical performance ion a baseball stadium -one week before they announce- to the world that they will run for office.  You can’t get anymore anti-Christ than that? It’s a good card that they know all too well; when to produce the chicanery that has only come to mark them for what they truly are, despicable all the way down  to the political asylums of their talk show pundit’s. They know the masses love a good prize fight, a good Superbowl and anything that gets their juices flowing, coffee pouring, liquor running and pills ah-rolling. Their rhetoric has invigorated the throngs of gullible masses eager for them to take over once gain in 201; awaiting with breathless gullets to sit before their master’s throne and worship the god of the almighty dollar. So that they can get to finish the job of dismantling every known social program -they call entitlements- and continue to siphon off what little wealth is left in the hands of the American middle classes. By supporting tax breaks for the rich; while, gutting the Fatherhood program such as in the  State of Georgia. A program that helps both mothers and fathers. Is this what we are to expect by the Republican majority and Newly elected Republican governor’s such as Nathan Deal of Georgia? Enslaving the poor middle classes and lower classes; while, denying the much necessary increase of the minimum wage and revamping and re-strengthening of Social Security, Medicare and other much needed social programs.. Their greed and lust for amassing fortunes for themselves and their political machinery has turned into a vicious epidemic cycle. Christ the chief representative of the church recognized the money changers within the church itself and he openly castigated them for creating a mirage of charity and goodwill towards men; while enslaving them with high interest rates and the yoke of long-term loans, they knew could never be paid off completely. The rich, they represent are the selfish and greedy controllers of today’s mass fortunes; from the conglomerate radio and broadcasting regimes to the cancerous environmental polluters who control the instruments of mass destruction and global industrialization. Money is not bad and neither is Capitalization; what is bad is the insatiable thirst of the greedy money changers and war mongrels who inject their venom of fear and psychological subjugation on humanity. Mankind’s addiction with consumerism and fads has addicted itself unto a life of constant self ingratiation and self-aggrandizement. The rich who control most of humanity’s wealth inject the desire to consume and to waste upon humanity by creating objects of worship that mankind adores; luxury automobiles, precious gems and metals, the promise of a quick financial gain from stock market illusions, Lottery, Publisher’s -Cleaning- House and others. An insatiable mass addiction for wealth and power; which, man is incapable of controlling; even if he is to hit it big. Most overnight millionaires do not have the mental capacity to maintain their riches for too long; before succumbing to the uncontrollable desire to spend until they are broke again.  And of those who do get to die wealthy and happy they will have to hand down their wealth to those who do not appreciate what has been given to them and will never know what to  dot with it. Great wealth has a way of blinding a man as are the eyes of a wayward woman. The road to riches is paved with good intentions but, in the end like the wine and meat they consume; it will soon be all forgotten and used up. Now we are told that it’s the fault of pessimism that has brought gas prices down. Oh, my bad, I was confused! I thought it was all the nudging and cuddling from the previous administration’s unique relationship with certain members of the Eastern Kingdoms. People that place their faith in money have little time or true faith for man or God; I have faith in God- therefore- I believe him to be real. Abraham had faith in God and it was counted upon him for righteousness. As he was about to plunge the knife into the still young and tender body of his son Isaac; God reached out his hand from up on high and cried out, “stop, because of your faithfulness I will multiply your seed throughout the world as an everlasting covenant.”  Salvation is by faith alone in God! If you are of Abraham’s seed you believe even though you have not seen and so it is written “blessed are those who believe but have not seen.” Through Abraham, the ruthless and despicable unbelieving gentiles will be blessed by their faith in Almighty God alone; and, it will be counted upon them such as Abraham unto their righteousness. But, it took the still and tender body of Christ to be forsaken, to be ravished upon the cross of mankind for the forgiveness of all sin; in place of God’s wrath and the eventual possibility that mankind would muster the inner strength to once again have faith and believe the “I am” of Moses. Who could have imagine that 2,500 hundred years later since his crucifixion, mankind would once again spread out unto  the furthest reaches of the Earth; bent on doing his will and not the Father’s? Who could of prophesied this if not the Father himself? Those of us who have followed the context of historical chronology cannot help but come to the conclusion that mankind once again, is headed for a face to face confrontation with his maker; whether he cares to believe upon him or not. Three years ago today this nation chose to put into office someone that they believed could turn things around. They placed their faith and trust in this one man to bring them out of the spiraling vortex of failure and impending financial doom. Ever since, then the naysayers and haters have not stopped spewing out of their mouths scurrilous and countless attacks upon him for choosing to help support the faltering mortgage holders, automakers and bankers; the pillars upon which the wealth of this nation hang. He instituted reform of the financial industry and while left with no recourse –yes- he reached out to some of our only partners worldwide for much needed aid to help keep this nation afloat; the money flow rolling and especially food in the mouth’s of our  the children. But that was not enough, because, a certain faction of the rich and mighty have more faith on the almighty dollar than on an African American of mixed blood; who by the way just happens to represent the cultural melting-pot our very own forefathers fought and gave their blood to support and create. The martyred Martin Luther King once said that he dreamed of the day when we will judge man not by the color of his skin -but- by the content of his character. You know who I am talking about! The previous administration promised to help rebuild Iraq and the war torn nations we ravished by providing aid and financial wealth building machinery. Promises that have fallen on deaf ears; yet, no one on the other side has stepped up and admitted guilt for breaking their promises. Today’s ethic unrest is on the rise -once again- while political and religious oppositions are getting closer and closer to starting a civil war. The people of Egypt have risen up to remove despots, In Syria the uprising has left hundred if not thousands beaten, crippled and dead, in Iraq the uprising continues despite the crackdowns and murders, Libya’s a tyrant hangs to the power that is rapidly slipping from his fingers. When the people rise like our people rose up during the War on Independence the narcissist will be removed and the hope of a better, more just and acceptable nation-government can arise.


I am so excited about all my friends on Facebook and other pages that have supported me throughout the creation of my websites, petition sites and book pages. Thank you for kindness and generosity and most of all for being true friends. You have shown me what true friendship is all about. JRH


In honor of our brave heroes who gave their lives during the search and rescue on September 11, 2001 and the families of loved ones and all others affected by this tragedy. I have decided to offer my new book “In the Birth of a New Dawn; My English and Spanish Compilation of Prose” at a special discount of 50% off  by using code HH48L only at smashwords.comNEW 9/11 INTODUCTORY DISCOUNT






My English and Spanish Compilation of Prose

"To Grieve no More" can be found inside this book along with a discount at coupon code RK42A

 How Long?
Written and Edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr.

From “In the Birth of a New Dawn” page 28

How long before I am faded from your dreams; my words, my touch, my smile?

Before the road ahead carries you away unveiling a new beginning

and I become another shadow in your past drifting into the precipice of meaningless desires.

How long before the breath of dawn awakens to feed the hunger and the yearning thirst to fill this passion?

How long before the hunger overtakes me? To hold you in my arms, to feel your breath upon my breasts and vanish this pain; to conquer your heart once again, how long?

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In honor of our brave heroes who gave their lives during the search and rescue on September 11, 2001 and the families of loved ones and all others affected by this tragedy. I have decided to offer my new book “In the Birth of a New Dawn; My English and Spanish Compilation of Prose” at a special discount of 50% off  by using code HH48L only at smashwords.comNEW 9/11 INTODUCTORY DISCOUNT

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Giving Children Free Reign to be Individuals in a Culture of Apathy

By John R. Hernandez, Jr.

 When I left my family, my home and Rutgers to come chasing after my girlfriend and my baby boy she’d taken with her to come  to Georgia. I felt I was doing the right thing a father should do. Little did I know the effect of walking away on my education and family would have on my life. But what leads me to this story today is not exactly that part of my life- however painful and tragic- in many ways. But it’s the subject of teen suicide and the effect one person had on my life after having chosen one of her titles for a classroom assignment back at Rutgers. As you all know Rutgers is the state university of good old  Jersey. My, how things have changed up there since I’ve been away and I might add the South sure has grown on me. I don’t miss it so much anymore though I do miss the Jersey shore trips and of course the times I spent in the Big Apple.  Now to get back to the subject at hand; teen suicide. It was a class I’d taken at school that brought it all to my attention, and let me tell you Donna Gaines left and indelible mark in my mind with her profound research and insightful book titled Teenage Wasteland. In fact I have written about her and her book in short on some websites just to comment on what a good book and what a great writer researcher she is, and the movie behind the book. I saw the movie about this topic in class which went a little further and was more colorful than the book, in some ways. But, the subject was ingrained at least in my mind back in that classroom that day. The movie and the book revolve around a group of kids (adolescents) teenagers and young adults who hailed from an area of Jersey called Bergenfield. Their story is about their small Jersey community, a picturesque mountainside landscape overlooking that part of the Big Apple called the Upper West Side across the Hudson. The subject of teen suicide is a tragic one as well as drug abuse and child abuse, but the topic of misdiagnosis and clinical over sedation  or prescribing sedatives to young children by school clinical psychologists and others in this story  led to a culture of homelessness, drug abuse, self mutilations, violence, psychotic dysfunctions and broken families. Many of which were already dysfunctional if not partially broken when this epidemic hit this small enclave up in the hills of Englewood. What happened there in that neighborhood was that some children were being prescribed medications that Donna believed to be inappropriate and unnecessary. She adds that some children came from what is termed dysfunctional families (single parent households, etc.) and some of these children had trouble focusing in class or adapting; since the school they went to was an upper middle class type and these children felt out of place. Some were harassed by other peers at school and were made to feel less than worthy as individuals. They were for the most part intelligent children and in fact some had come from better than usual low income families. But, however you slice it once they began to slack off in school and integrate into the lower subgroups, they were shunned by their peer groups and even in the community at large; especially by officials and those who saw them as cast outs. All of this caused them to form their own community, which the  culture of mistrust condoned.

It wasn’t unusual for them to be physically hurt or abused by those who labeled them undesirables. Eventually some became homeless and lived in run down abandoned homes; perhaps these where homes they had been evicted from in the past or were just left behind when people moved on. In the movie you can see how these kids had created an extended family were they all looked out for each other. Some of them were on some medication or another since grade school because the schools had a habit of prescribing medication to kids who fell behind or lost focus or had problems; without first investigating what actually was going on within them. It’s a bad situation when school officials like these decide to medicate children without first investigating what is going on in their lives and perhaps finding out that their condition is a result of their familial situation and not due to any acute mental illness. Some people out there have come up with their own conclusions about what really happened up in the Cliffs of New Jersey and some say it was just the domino effect of one kid’s death as a result of falling from the Cliffs. While, Donna Gaines personal investigation and the movie behind it clearly shows there was more to that which helped to create a culture of suicide ands death in this sleepy little town. My memories of the Cliffs were of this clean manicured laid back suburban community I would by pass by on my way to West New York and other places in this picturesque mountain landscape. What I took from the book and the movie was how the upper class citizens of this community suppressed and made the lives of these children and people from the lower neighborhood unbearable at times. It’s not unlike any other community in America were two cultures of society clash amongst each other, those of the uppity class and those of the less fortunate and outcasts. The one driving point that came through for me from Donna Gaines investigation as she assimilated with these lower class children in their own neighborhoods and befriended them and lived with them in abandoned homes as well as in their so-called dysfunctional homes. It was the way members of the community and in particular school officials turned their backs or even condoned the prescribing and over medication of these children. Children who otherwise would have turned out just fine if these officials had done their jobs and not just chose to let the chips fall where they may. Donna Gaines made a strong impression on American society as a whole when she exposed this one articulate aspect of what really was going on up in the Cliffs of Jersey back in the eighties. Today teenage suicide is trending upward once again and not just in this particular over diagnosed and over medicated culture of teenagers, but young girls today have been known to commit suicide as a result of this new craze of sexting which is when you get a hold of a young girls nude or explicit pictures and text them to all your friends or put them on the net for all to see. The problem with teenage suicide is not going to go away anytime soon, especially with so many broken families and dysfunctional relationships and single family homes and the rampant drug culture in and or around many schools and neighborhoods. It’s getting like children can’t seem to escape from all the drugs and violence out on the streets. You could be sitting home doing your homework or having supper and a bullet could come flying through your window. It is like this in many low income neighborhoods out there. But who do we blame? Do we blame the mother who decided to take the kids and make it on her own and live the good life, free and clear, or do we blame the father who walks out on his family to chase some other relationship? Do we blame the school systems, the school boards, the school psychologists for not investigating further before they start to hand out prescriptions and over-sedate? 

Medication often given freely to them by anxious pharmaceutical industry marketers. Do we blame the police for not doing enough to patrol and make their presence known on campus in these children’s lives, from day to day; as a support system for many who are actually most vulnerable and hurting? Do we blame the government when it doesn’t take a stronger approach in providing proper support mechanisms to single parent households and or adequate programs that could address issues of dysfunctionality and family depression; as a result of the pressures poverty inflicts on single households? Do we blame the illicit drug industry and the alcohol industry for creating a culture of drug dependency, abuse and violence right in the same neighborhoods low income children play and learn? Do we blame the pornography industry for creating a culture where sex and being sensual is the in-thing and okay- to- do because these children are just individuals. Like my ex told me back in 2008 when she commented on my trying to change my kids? Or do we blame the church for creating a culture of apathy when its own priests can’t be trusted with our children and these kids can’t seem to find someone to lean on or a shoulder to cry on? Yes, these children are individuals but they do need to be hugged, to be nurtured, and to have their father there with them to read them a bed time story, to take them to the ball park to sit with them to help them with their homework, to make them feel proud and loved. When love is thrown out the window because of your own selfish attitude our children become alienated and the only vacuum left for them is to navigate towards the only outlets left for them to vent out there frustrations and anger over why life has turned out so bad for them. Cutting is not something new, even back in the eighties when Donna Gaines wrote her book it was popular and still is. Self mutilation, curiosity with the occult and horoscopes, Black Magic, Witchcraft, Satanic Rituals, Voodoo, attraction with Ouija Boards, Clairvoyance, Vampirism and the cults so prevalent on television today. These are some of the outlets, the choices left for what my ex says are my children’s right to be individuals- according to her.

I hope you found this to be helpful,

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Honor the fallen and those affected by this tragedy!

John R. Hernandez, Jr.




In honor of our brave heroes who gave their lives during the search and rescue on September 11, 2001 and the families of loved ones and all others affected by this tragedy. I have decided to offer my new book “In the Birth of a New Dawn; My English and Spanish Compilation of Prose” at a special discount of 50% off  by using code HH48L only at smashwords.comNEW 9/11 INTODUCTORY DISCOUNT

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    I hope everyone gets this comment. Every one of my stories on my websites are my own I don’t make things up. I don’t copy or steal anyone elses’ content. I create my own stories based on what I feel is happening worldwide and at times I will copy and paste informational quotes that belong to others but, I make sure to always give “proper quotations and siting” of where you can go to verify what I have included in my stories. My stories are factual about everyday current events and my own editorial comments. If you find what I have written all over the net as someone has commented to me; it must be because, they found what I am producing important enough to reproduce it. If they are not siting me or my websites then they are the ones who need to explain why I am not being sited or any of my other individual sited sites. I own 99.9% of all the content I post on all my sites, except any linksdhare, Amazon or any other commercial/financial support networks (which the return on those ventures has been zero from inception). The exceptions as I have listed here are quotes that I properly site from other sites such Wikipedia and one or two others. Can you imagine that my webpages get little to no feedback, no subscriptions, no reader comments. Except for some 20 to 30 comments within the last 60 days which is minute to say the least -considering- my contents on all websites and Facebook including all of the petitions I have posted on all sites and social networks. The feedback to my all my content is embarrasingly less then about 1% (based on total views). I get no pay, this is all volunteered by me. I do not subscribe to any particular political party although I favor the Democatric Party somewhat more because of all they have done to protect social programs and the less fortunate. I honestly spend approximately the equivilent of 24 hours or more weekly posting-editing and researching all my sites and comments on all other sites. I am trying to keep this goind since I have seen some interest by younger readers who have expressed appreciation for the content I create. I am gratefull for their support and kind words. I have tried to push my books and my petitions but have gotten no real support on those ends and that is sad to see.
    “There is hope in ignorance only if you appreciate the effort”.JRH 2011
    Yours gratefully,
    JRH 2011


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