By John R. Hernandez, Jr. (c) 2011

Below you will find precious comments from many of my readers. If only they truly knew how much it means to me? There is no amount of money in the world that could take the place of their kind appreciation. I thought that publishing my poetry book would help finance some of the costs of putting these websites together. I realize that not all poetry and social activism go together. But, I dont have the luxury of ignoring what God put inside of me. On the one hand he has given me this incredible talent to create  wonderful poetry and on the other hand he has given me this zeal and fire to help the less fortunate among us. I’ve learned a lot since I created the websites and went live on Facebook. I learned that there is room for someone like me and the content I provide. I’ve learned that there are people out there that appreciate someone that shoots from the hips, that calls it the way he sees it, and not someone that is kissing the rear end of the pundits and glory mongers up on the Hill. And I especialy found out that people aren’t interested in phony journalism or journaslists that pander to the ratings with empty words. I realized that what this nation needs is someone that will tell it like it is and be there to face the morning fallout. So far I have not had had one person give me negative feedback on any thing I have commented on any of my sites, including Facebook. But, what I am most concerned with is not so much why my book is not selling or why their is no rea; participation on my sites. I can understand cheapskates. What I cannot understand is why so many people seem to admit liking the petitions I have posted on Facebook and elsewhere. But, still they will not sign them or get their connections to step up and sign them. These are real great petitions that deal with helping people and helping to get Americans back to work. Why you guys out there are not signing these petitions has totaly made me take a serious look at what or why I am here at all. Doing what I do every day, week in and week out; with no pay, no rewards no invetsments and finaly all I see is complete refusal to support my petitions. Unfortunately, people are more interested in what they can get for free and not in investing in helping a fellow poet and social activist or even in the least to help out their fellow American citizen. One day perhaps you will look back and wonder why you did not support me or maybe even why or how it happened that this nation fell into the toilet. Fortunately for me I am not like that! But you guys will have to live with the choices you are making. Refusing to sign a petition to help your fellow man? If you cannot do this then I guess their is no point for me to be doing what I do. Then again maybe that is what you guys want for me to do, to shut it all down. I thought their was more left to this nation than what I am seeing; I guess I was wrong all along. I thought by keeping it all free it would be the best thing to do and just count on the ads and affiliate links support. You tell me what you want me to do.
John R. Hernandez, Jr. CEO New Dawn Media Global Horizons, 2011.


I would wish that you took a close look at all these remarks that people are leaving. Remember that my topics relate to many social issues including teenage suicide. One the remarks could belong to the child or brother or sister of someone out there. I realize that some people don’t mind reading about social issues that affect others someplace else far away. But, when it hits closer to home that is when they find it hard to accept. We cannot help eachother if we are all going in opposite directions. So many of us have deiced to go our own separate way, to disregard the rules that have been handed down to us for centuries and make up our rules as we along. United we stand divided we fail!!!!

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Think About It:
A Sunday Morning Commentary on the Hottest Topics Facing America Today
With host and founder John R. Hernandez, Jr.

Left Behind; tear stains in a dumpster

By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

My offbeat rough sketch of a movie “Dumpster Kids”

Once a week another motel family is evicted and another one moves in; the dumpsters out back become filled with the belongings of those evicted. A child is walking away, his hands filed with books and toys. Dumpster kiddies are children that live out of motels and who are living below the subsistence level; mainly from donations provided by charity, community members and faith based organizations. The teacher says,” they’ll go to jail early, they’ll get pregnant early…” Motels are the batting cage for many of these families most of which come from the streets. Until they get another shot at living in their own apartments or getting the luxury of owning their own homes. Honestly, the batting average is very low for those who end up here. When you look into the faces of these motel kids you can’t help but hurt inside unless you’re not human. These children are the products of economical downturn; layoffs, cutbacks, outsourcing, plant closings, alcohol abuse and drug abuse, death in the family -mostly as the result of gang violence or abuse. The children playing in the classroom are siblings; the little girl chases her brother around the room as the teacher asks him questions about getting attention. The kids laugh and the sister falls on top of her brother as he laughs; and for a moment the room is so filled with love. Outside it turns dark and the fireworks from Disneyland over the horizon lights up the sky while the noise from the pyrotechnics triggers car alarms in the parking lot; the kids look up and enjoy the fireworks and the rainbow of lights in the sky. The ones that are thrown out often end up back on the streets once-again homeless. And often they end up sleeping in the park along with the gang members, the drug dealing, gang banging and the shootings. Today, the soup lines are long, the tables are set in a way where they can easily file down the line and put on their plates whatever they like. The little girl says, “God gives you the things you need not the things you wish for”. The brothers are talking to the interviewer and one brother says that, “though I am moving to a real home soon there’s one thing, I have been to four schools and now another.” What some poor American families and their children are facing are the products of out sourcing, plant closings, job loss, drug and alcohol abuse and governmental neglect. I realize there are children throughout the world that need our help and this is the least God asks of us; to be charitable, to give, to offer help to the less fortunate, But is it possible that with all the wealth this nation has amassed and all it’s riches and the wealth of corporations; homelessness is still a way of life for so many children out there? I, slowly wipe my eyes once again and in closing I can’t help but think of what will become of my petitions and the 15 million I am trying to help? Maybe some of them are leaving remarks on this site because they enjoy my comments?

My Sunday Morning Door Buster; THINK ABOUT IT!  

By John Hernandez, Jr. © 2011-08-21
THINK ABOUT IT! Is a monthly enchilada of comments on critical issues

The Chief Patriarch of the Miserly Scrooge Legacy Steps up to the Plate;
The coming new world order is not too far in sight 

Could we be heading for a dictatorship? At the rate that we are racking up deficits and unpaid bills along with trillion dollars in massive borrowing. We cannot sustain our economy and or the rate at which we hope to pay off these debts within the framework of the type of government we have. What I mean is that a four year or eight year presidency is beginning to look incapable of containing the massive wealth of debt we have built; and still hold the lid down -long enough- for the following administration to step in and contain further. Without a -three mile island- type scenario within the financial and stock sectors. This is why -unless this is already being played out- for it to happen at some time in the future- the possibility of an extended term of say 12 to 16 year presidency or an eventual dictatorship is not out of the question. Especialy after you see the kind of bums where ellected into office in the past year. And, especially, when you consider that those who hold the cards -meaning the massive wealth- have nothing to loose; either way. Since they will most likely get to pick who the CEO will be of this new form of government.

Think about It!

While I applaud the guts and bravado of Mr. Buffett for having stepped up to the Table of Selfless Giving and crying out, “tax me by darn it tax me now”. Where have these billionaires been?  It’s been almost three years since Mr. Obama became President of the United States of America; why has it taken this long to stand up and offer your help? Obama took the helm and began to fight vigorously against the title wave of financial instability that plagued this nation. He single-handedly attacked the Wall Street predators, the much needed bailout of the big three and the financial institutions; who -admittedly succumbed- to the pressures from the administration to drink the bitter poison of shame. Obama for the last three years has been vilified, humiliated, scorned and down right almost libeled and slandered for simply trying to get people back to work and by helping resuscitate the American economy. And now almost three years after this unending assault on the Presidency of these United States by one and all; the patriarch of the miserly billionaires decides its about time they stood up to the Table of Selfless Giving and threw in their pound of flesh. I wonder how many billions in profits he has made along with his cohorts off of the backs of helpless Americans. Don’t you think for one minute that when one of them steps up to the table to offer his miserly contribution he already has figured out how to get it back three times over in tax loopholes, credits, kickbacks and offsets?????? When they step up to hand you a dollar they already know how they will get it back three times over. How could we tax the rich and still resolve our economic catastrophe’s when -for one- the rich profit and benefit from our calamities and -for two- they will still make a profit for every dollar they throw into the pot? Think about it -my friend- think about it.

This has been the Sunday morning pre-Church Talk Show brought to you by New Dawn Media Horizons with Host and Founder John R. Hernandez, Jr. Until next time –remember- don’t fall for their tricks before you <b>Think About It!

My Sunday Afternoon Door Buster Special
By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

The normal part of the world looks at America as its role model; when it is the world’s leader in the killing of the unborn; it has the greatest number of non-custodial fathers; it is slowly becoming the suicide capital of the world; it incarcerates it’s unwanted elders as a fad; it is considered to be lacking in compassion; lost in indecision over God; hateful, greedy, selfishly and self centered; hooked on video games, vampire movies, alcohol, drugs and pornography..! That was my Sunday Door Buster….!

This Nation Needs to Get its Priorities in Order; In My Opinion

By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

An Occasional Inspirational Message by the Founder of New Dawn Media Horizons

If you want to win elections you’ve got to understand what is hurting people the most and how you intend to help this society handle its problems in the face of this nation’s worst economic disaster since the great depression. In my opinion the answer to this nations problems are clear and easy to deal with once the leadership of this nation has decided to gets it’s priorities in order:

1). Bankruptcy lawyers, trustees and the courts need to help their clients create payment plans in harsh economic times instead of walking out on them.

2). Employers must not be allowed to confiscate a laid off employee’s pension savings  during harsh economic times; even if they have only been there a little less than three years.

3). People that are paying their way through Land and Home package contracts need just as much help as traditional mortgage holders. Instead they were ignored and their issues were not addressed during all the time the US Congress and others on Capital Hill held their hearings concerning foreclosures and real estate related discussions.

4). Universities need to understand that during harsh economic times denying debtors a payment arrangement (which happened to me) is not the best way to try and help get this nation back on it’s feet.
Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Aid to Families and Dependent Children, Food Stamps, Welfare and many other programs administered individually or in conjunction with faith based institutions must never be dismantled or slashed.

Instead this nation must be made aware that further aid is needed, stronger programs with far better implementations of care and aid to the less fortunate must be put into place. We have but one way out of the cancerous malaise that has affected this nation for far too long and that is through furthering our present infrastructure of programs for the less fortunate and needy and developing stronger programs to reinforce those at the bottom of this nations class structure.

Because of their contribution to our society this nation is alive and on its way back to a complete recovery but not without the miraculous intervention of God Almighty. If we are experiencing this nation’s worst economic decline it is because of our indulgence with war and our apathetic treatment of those we’ve taken for granted for far too long.

If this nations leadership would embark on an economic renewal and recovery mission much like the mission of war that we have been indulging in for the past 18 years we would be able to balance our priorities and get the economy back in gear. But somehow this nations leadership for far too long has been focused on foreign intervention and less focused on social and economic intervention in this nation.

This nation’s leadership has been ignoring the most important priorities. This nation has forgotten the word of God and his priorities. He tells us, “Come to me and never thirst again and never forget to feed and clothe those less fortunate among you”. When are we going to get it through our heads that we will never save the world without God’s approval and guidance and we will never get it done if we are bankrupt and incapable of defending ourselves?

If we are to reap God’s blessings we are to read God’s word and act upon it and not go blindly throughout the world building coalitions with nations who themselves are to blame for the majority of the economic and social instabilities they face. We know this is the truth and we know this is the problem. Yet, we build coalitions with those who support our enemies. And those who pay for the mistakes that this nation’s leadership has and is making are paying it through the sacrifice and blood of thousands of our nation’s innocent children. This nation’s leadership is so hellbent on this new world order, this global consolidation of power in the hands of the few over the will of the many; that it seems nothing we say will make a difference and am afraid not even what God has to say. Remember that all throughout history the facts state that those who turn their face away from God have faired badly.
Jesus says, “Behold, I stand at the door and nock, if anyone has ears to listen let him answer me and bid me entrance wisely and I will stand with him”. This nation is behaving like a true drunkard, staggering up to the bar stool looking for another drink from those who it once believed to be its friends. But who are now or may soon be removing the limitless tab it has been building. If this nation wants to return to the bullpen of the global playing field it has to bolster its economic leverage, realize that further limitless global defense campaign spending and utter disregard of the word of God and his authority, will only bring self destruction. And furthermore taking out your problems on the less fortunate, the disadvantaged and helpless will never win you favor with God. That is why I detest those who hide behind the cloak of morality and religion and then want to diamantle and erase all that has been done to create a safety net for the less fortunate in society!

John R. Hernandez, Jr.

Vanishing Remnants of a Once Proud Nation: the dismantling of social programs is but the latest attack on the social and cultural fabric of this nation

By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

There was a time in American culture when just about every family I knew of had its very own family bible and in it you could find the names of every member of that family –sometimes- as far back as a generation or two. I remember as a child and well into adulthood; how I would offer my blessings whenever I approached an elder member of the family and they in turn would bless me. Funny thing about living in a rural area you can run into some familial artifacts when making a run down to the dumpsters. Not too long ago my ex told me not to try and change my kids, because, as far as she was concerned they were individuals. That shocked me that she would try and put a wedge between me and my children. By trying to alienate cultural practices such as the one I just mentioned above from them. My traditional cultural practices have been handed down to me from generation to generation. And it is an insult to me and my family and my predecessors when someone tells me not to practice or hand down these traditions. It’s like I am being told it is useless and no longer acceptable to observe something that we have been doing for hundreds if not thousands of years. Now, I am not trying to get personal but it seems to me that this nation sure has changed -culturally speaking- of course. Seems like the American society I knew when I was growing up still had some vestiges left of family traditions. Traditions that go way back into my generations and maybe even yours if you search a little closer. But, what’s even more of a curiosity to me is how easily overlooked our rapidly disappearing familial traditions and cultural practices -can mean so little- to many of us. The family bible once a staple of almost every generation has gone by the wayside along with the old neighborly gestures of tipping your hat or waving hello to a stranger when passing. Oh yes, here in the so-called Bible Belt church activities and meetings are still vivid and popular in many communities –but- if you ask the average pastor you’d find out that participation has dropped substantially within the last few decades. Another sign of vanishing American cultural traditions. The closer you get to the big cities the further you get from the old familial cultural practices that were the fiber that kept many communities together. Why am I bringing this subject up you may ask? Because I think it’s worth mentioning. It also seems to me that more time is spent bickering about the differences between denominational congregations instead of what is common among them. In my opinion, I think the reason for the loss of much of this nation’s once proud cultural heritage appears to be. That, generation after generation, has fallen into the muck and mire of caring less and less about keeping up with the cultural practices; that came along with helping to maintain the values and morals that helped to strengthen the character we inherited from our forefathers. I would love for you to prove me wrong by just writing me and telling me about how you and yours are helping to maintain and pass along your cultural familial practices and traditions. 

Behind Closed Doors; the inheritance of being cursed

By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

“I started a petition one month ago today to help get free and expanded transportation for the rural poor, and all but 30 people signed it. Those of us who have the gift of a compassionate heart can only wonder why the rest of America and the world could care less about the aging, about the plight of the poor and or about poverty itself! We live in a society obsessed with aborting what confines them; what deprives them of their so-called individualism, what encroaches upon their perceived rights, what violates their ability to do as they please.” By John R. Hernandez, Jr.


In the Genesis of biblical history the children of Israel were told to kill and destroy everything they came upon when entering Canaan. Did they listen? No. For this reason God set them up to become as despicable as those they were told to destroy. It is important to note this great event in Jewish history if you are to try and understand why people act and behave the way they do in today’s world. To understand the reasons why the people of Canaan were the way they were you have to go back to the story of Noah and his sons and how Ham uncovered his father’s nakedness. But suffice it to say that once Noah was made aware of this account he cursed the offspring of Ham. When one looks further into the offspring of Ham one sees that the land of Canaan was riddled with every kind of devil and false god worship. This explains why God told Joshua not to let the Israelites adopt the Canaanite’s pagan practices, but to destroy everything in sight. They worshipped hundreds of gods and their fornication rivaled that of today’s freest spirited among us. When we jump ahead to today’s day and age we find society split along two lines. One side is bent on living out a life of; Hatred, Greed, Envy, and Jealousy –while- succumbing to the most aberrant of human emotions and behaviors. Even in the later years we see our parents as they fade away and waste with age; but some of us are compassionate, caring and loving. While, others simply could care less. The average elderly person that gets put into senior housing is a victim of abuse by their family members; children, brothers and sisters and spouse. The record of the crimes inflicted on the elderly is mind boggling. Most family members don’t care or understand the physical and medical frailties that afflict their aging family members. Neglect and abandonment are two of the most prevalent afflictions suffered by the aging populations.  I started a petition one month ago today to help get free and expanded transportation for the rural poor and all but 30 people signed it. Those of us who have the gift of a compassionate heart can only wonder why the rest of America and the world could care less about the aging, about the plight of the poor and or about poverty itself! We live in a society obsessed with aborting what confines them; what deprives them of their so-called individualism, what encroaches upon their perceived rights, what violates their ability to do as they please. Imagine we live in a world where hundreds of Nazi Holocaust murderers can live just about anywhere; even thought these people have committed the most horrendous crimes against humanity. The crux of the matter is how humanity has allowed them to slip past their noses. When, God forbid you should offend someone or try and impede them from doing -something- that otherwise would go against all known moral turpitude. If humanity could care less about Nazi murderers living under their noses; what makes you think they are gonna care about the welfare of their own family members? We live in a society that loves to paint this picture perfect portrait of how wonderful and beautiful life really is; when deep down inside behind closed doors there is a miserable dysfunctional relationship between family members. Despite how many times people go to church they can never seem to get it right and this is what brings them back to another day of sermons and hymns; believing that their actions will vindicate their atrocious behaviors against their family, friends, strangers, co-workers and often God himself. When you look back at the mistakes made by the Israelites and God’s punishment for refusing to follow his instructions it is easy to understand why some people refuse to obey God and follow the straight and narrow.

God has made it so easy for mankind to survive and thrive without his constant intervention. –JRH! 2011

When you go to buy my book at….

It’s one poetry book you won’t want to miss or live without!


“In your Arms”

By John R. Hernandez, Jr.

Short excerpt from my new book “Beyond the Dawn”

If I could feel your life as you do and taste the
sweet kiss of your lips; if only but for a moment.
As the sun is setting and the last drop of light
gives way to an eternal moment of silence and
your fingers could embrace my gentle
pedals. Then, you would know what I feel as you
hold me in your arms…

“You Loving Me”

Created by John R. Hernandez, Jr. (06) ©

You Loving Me….
Like no one ever has or ever will, touched my lips,
melting softly passionately deeply inside of you
To feel your burning body against mine
drenched in sweat; consuming me, overpowering
me tightly, breathlessly, uncontrollably
This sudden tingling rush embracing the landscape
of our lusts, this canvas of silk and satin stained juices,
wet, dripping
A profile cast by shadows embedded on the walls,
silhouettes of passion’s tainted touch
Scattered glimpses strewn about flashing
painting images, turning pages, pastels of sparkling
Desires conceived while our hearts lie melting
breathless, soaking, showered by the sparks
of an unquenchable lust
Speechless moments craving the touch of one more
yearning sigh, rhythmically woven, as the precipice
of one more dawn explodes within you loving me…

“You Are”

Created by John R. Hernandez, Jr. (06) ©

The breath in me, the path leading me home,
the laughter in my lips, the joy that sets me free. Where I live, where am from, the light to my darkness, where I belong. My reason for hope, the name I love to hear inside me. The eyes, the fire in my soul, who can see within. The reason I live, the magic that flows from your words. The longing I feel, the love I crave, so bold and real. My comfort, the keeper of my heart; my baby,
my girl, my true home. An ocean of pleasures, my eternal friend. An endless moment of passion, the voice inside of me leading me on to where I find my rest. That calming touch, a hope filled kiss; the
bliss I always miss. The warmth in my heart, the pleasure I seek where I’m totally complete. My yearning my comfort, countless tears unleashed; a quiet lonely hope, a cooling breeze. The footsteps
before me, the crashing roar of passion inside; that precious sigh of love in your eyes. A candlelit Moon’s glow, whom I yearn to hold in an ocean of dreams. Waves that unfold, unyielding, embracing us like an eternal storm. Footsteps in the sands of time; pages of our memories rushing past like the days behind us. Like the faces captured on that canvas portraying
the you and I we once were.


John R. Hernandez, Jr. 2011


I just created a petition entitled Include Long Term Unemployed into the Federally Mandated Guidelines of Workforce Initiatives, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

I’m trying to collect 2000000 signatures, and I could really use your help.

To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

It’ll just take a minute!

Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!


To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

In the Birth of a New Dawn By John R. Hernandez, Jr.


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