Written and Edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr.

All source quotes have no editing except where emphasis used

What I love the most about those that leave such kind words on my htt:// webpage is that many are being sincere and most are actually website owners who honestly took a look or two and found my site and information helpful to them enough to admit to me and to all of us in their own words. My blessing and thanks for all of those who have stood up and helped another fellow website owner receive the accolades from his fellow writers and producers as they feel merit’s it. My special and long overdue thanks to still the best on the internet by far over all the pothers!


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“I enjoy your writing style really enjoying this internet site.”

From Katerine Bloedel on “Comments; Values and Morals; and whatever else they don’t want us to know!” 

“Great post, but I’m having some problems subscribing to your RSS Feed, anyway l love reading your post.”

Hi Katerine, I did check out the feeds and it worked out fine. Sorry you had trouble with it. Try again another time and see what happens and then let me know. Maybe we can figure something out to fix the issue. Anyway, thanks for your sweet and kind words about the site. Sometimes, some people don’t realize what it takes to publish books and write these stories. And when few people show up and leave comments; it makes for example, the 20 hours I spent on Sunday the 7th of August, 2011 putting that day’s page together -with so many problems from wordpress- humbling. But then, when I come by and see comments like yours and all the rest; it makes 2011 worth the while. I am glad that you and everyone else enjoys the stories and I am hoping one day -soon- all of you will unearth the treasure of beautiful poetry found in my book. “In the Birth of a New Dawn”. Now found on ( DISCOUNT CODE RK42A),,,, and Barnes &!

“From Jacquelin Steinhouse on The Growing Class Divide In America and the Legacy of Inaction”

“I’ve recently started a site, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of …”

Hi Jackeline, Thank you for your kind words. They are most appreciated!
By all means share what I have posted here with your friends and readers and remember if at all possible to place a site somewhere on your page back to my page and or just a few words on our collaborative efforts to make this world a better place by partnering our pages and helping people to get a more fair and balanced view. I am always open for improvement. It’s been good talking to you.



By John R. Hernandez, Jr. (c) 2011                                

From my new book “Beyond the Dawn”

Together the rain ceases, the sweltering moments of despair fade, the countless moments of hopelessness seem distant; once again. Even these waves once restless and foreboding seem nimble and faint before your smile. To the beating of our hearts, to when our eyes first met, to the depth between our touch; as long as, and whenever you and I are here in thought.



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 Hey website owner, thank for sharing this nice information! It helped me a lot! Submitted on 2011/07/23 at3:37 pm[…] Comments; Values and Morals; and whatever else they don’t want us to know! | NEW DAWN MEDIA HORIZONS             Un-spammed by johnrhernandezSubmitted on 2011/07/29 at5:44 am Nice Blog with Excellent information

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Submitted on 2011/07/04 at6:09 pm “Proverbs21:13   Whoever shuts his eyes to the cry’s of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard.” “Proverbs14:31He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker, But he who honors Him has mercy on the needy.” jrh684156@gmail.comjohnrhernandezhttp://newdawnmedia.wordpress.com1

 From; John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011   Submitted on 2011/05/16 at12:11 pm

Hi Digital Poet,  Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I was working on my other issues: Stop by there and check it out and leave a comment if you like! I sincerely appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Hope to hear from you soon and try and stop by and checkout my book “In the Birth of a New Dawn” and let me know what you think of it. I would be honored if you left me a comment there and all my sites in whatever it is God puts in your heart. Tell everyone you can about my sites and my books and don’t forget the coupon codes RK42A. You’re welcomed back here anytime!

Many thanks,

John R. Hernandez, Jr.

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Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading it very much. Checking up on peoples poetry and writing is something I do often. I try to keep up with today’s trends so I’m more active in the writing community. Thanks again for sharing this.


By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 8/2011

 This is the Republican comment to Standard and Poor’s downgrading of the US credit rating, “Unfortunately, decades of reckless spending cannot be reversed immediately, especially when the Democrats who run Washington remain unwilling to make the tough choices required to put America on solid ground,” >> [This statement by Boehner gives the reader the impression that for decades the Democrats have been the spenders] << Speaker John A. Boehner, an Ohio Republican, said in a statement.” If I remember correctly it was and has been the Republican’s voracious appetite for control of energy resources at whatever means along with it’s global warmongering and it’s questionable relationship with defense contracting and spending; not necessarily because of any overall US policy or interest in pursuing major profits in these areas but as a result of a global energy consortium of conglomerates that wish to take hold and have taken hold of much of this previous decades global oil and gas research and exploration projects-at whatever length. Take for example some of the quotes from HALLIBURTON WATCH.ORG and other internet sites readily available to you once you do the search like I have; This is just the tip of the iceberg that makes Boehner’s smug eyes roll-over and pretend to know nothing about; just the beginning of a pile of intel you can find if you just do the searches. I don’t get paid to do the searches and bring these comments only that, there should be a fair and balanced dissemination of intel so that people will stop being brainwashed erroneously by the right wing rhetoric against the Democrats. There are lots of things I don’t agree with on the Democratic side and when I am ready I will do my search as you should and expose it for what it is. Furthermore, I am in publishing and media consulting and publicizing my published works such as my new book, “In the Birth of a New Dawn”. But I have a burning desire to expose human injustice and atrocities against mankind. Something that I had hoped to pursue as I studied atRutgers trying to get my Journalism Degree and eventual masters. Having to leave it all behind to do what I thought a father should do when faced with the mother of his child running off 1,000 miles in the opposite direction. I made the conscious choice to chase after her and derail my aspirations. But it never deterred me, my hunger and thirst for social justice has never ands will never be squelched until they put a bullet into my head. Because, some of us love our children despite our own best interests and some of us love to fight against social injustices -wherever- we see them, despite the consequences. We may not always be right in someone’s eyes or succeed but, that we bring that fair and balanced approach -unlike- another is sufficient enough to let the world know that there are two sides to every story and not just one. 

 Take a look at this;

 1). “January 30, 2004: New York Times columnist, Bob Herbert, details how Halliburton evadesU.S.taxes and export bans by establishing foreign subsidiaries. Halliburton’s Wendy Hall admits the company paid only $15 million in taxes in 2002 even though the company earned $339 million in profits from continuing operations and $12.5 billion in total revenue.”But in, 2). “January 2004: Halliburton discloses that a subsidiary paid a $2.4 million bribe to a Nigerian government official’s business in exchange for favorable tax treatment.” From Halliburton  Then in, 3). “January 25, 2004: CBS Television’s 60 Minutes program shows how Halliburton does business with Iran even though U.S. law bans companies from doing business with the country.” From   And in, 4). “January 26, 2004:New York City’s controller accuses Halliburton of taking blood money from state sponsors of terrorism, such asIranandLibya. Controller William Thompson – who oversees an $80 billion pension fund for city workers – says cops and firefighters are outraged that their retirement portfolios include stock in U.S. firms getting fat off contracts with rogue nations like Iran, which funds the terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas and is suspected of giving sanctuary to Al Qaeda leaders.” From Halliburton  There is so much more but if you don’t go and do the search you will blindly be lead by what some on capital hill or some scoundrels on conservative radio or Christian broadcasting will lead you to believe!


  • How the Christian Broadcasting radio waves have been taken over by the right wing hiding behind the cloak of religion and moral values to help espouse their rhetoric and to take control of the masses by bombarding them with reckless disinformation.
  • Why the US Defense Department and the leaders of our armed forces should have been more focused on the fact that an attack was eminent against those involved with the capture of Bin Laden the murderer?
  • Why did it take so long to capture Bin Laden and why did it take place in July 2011; just at the crux of the declaration of their accumulated war chests by US political parties was about to be revealed?
  • Why did the gas prices seem to plummet during (June to July) this time and then slowly inch back up to the disastrous levels they have been in for the past years?
  • Who or what is really behind the fluctuating gas prices and why?
  • How much money has been spent on global warmongering by the Republican administrations of the George Bush’s? And what effect has it had on our economy and why is so little being talked about this phenomenon?
  • Who or what is really behind wanting our economy to fail and eventually crash?

Below is a book that you can purchase to help support my ability to keep bringing you more poetry books and from time to time more of that fair and balanced opinions and facts they don’t want you to know; and in return you get to keep an heirloom of poetry worth thousands more the price for one copy. You can get a copy of this book at Barnes and Noble,, and especially at as always with a nice discount for Mark Coker fans of 25% by using the code provided at his webpage’s.

My English and Spanish Compilation of Prose

"To Grieve no More" can be found inside this book along with a discount at coupon code RK42A

“In the Birth of a New Dawn” By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

Other things I do for which I receive no compensation for!! Fighting for Social Justice

Besides spending tireless hours on the pc working on my webpage’s, creating petitions, working on promoting my books; when everyone else is sleeping and for editing and writing stories and doing the research and creating poetry and being a social watchdog.  I was like you once in the past scared, brainwashed and confused by all the rhetoric. I fought my way out of that and decided to find my own answers to the things that burned inside for which I doubted if I was being told the truth. My book is one way you can support someone just like you. But, in return you get the truth and a nice beautiful book of poetry.  You are not making a donation or contributing to anything. You can buy the book and walk away and or stay and support social justice by purchasing my next book and continue to enjoy and fight for the truth! Never forget the truth is out there.



I just created a petition entitled President, House of Representatives,
Senate, and Corporate America:  America Working Nationwide Program, because I
care deeply about this very important issue.

I’m trying to collect 100 signatures, and I could really use your help.
To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click
It’ll just take a minute!

Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well.
Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread
the word!


Me when I've gotten some sleep...

I had this post perefctly finished untill wordpress decided to act up and after about 20 hours of fighting the issues I was able to resucitate the embers of what was left. I lost some stuff along the fight andI notice some of the final  editing does not show up as I would have liked but, just thought I’d let you all know!

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