The Growing Class Divide In America and the Legacy of Inaction



 Why I believe in what I Believe

By John R. Hernandez, Jr. 7/11


Parts of this message have been inserted here to emphasize my points -more strongly- and others have been combined with notes I’ve written to those around me. Taken from the context of my own experiences with my so-called friends and trying to explain how I feel about the causes that affect me and those around me.


From my book “Living the Life; A Social Reformers Look at the Growing Class Divide and Apathy in 21st Century America

From Chapter One: Why I do what I do; speaking out when others are Silent

A social reformer must begin by taking his messages to the people closest to him. Have you ever heard the comment that a prophet is never welcomed of his own? Because as in biblical antiquity’s days they were sent to the heathen and or to those within his or her own country or nation to bring them (sinners-backsliders) a message of rebuke for the most part or to show them the path they needed to take to bring about change. So I ask you why, am I any better? When I bring the messages of change and progress to our global societies and people just sit back and enjoy the show –but- refuse to take action? Some of us fight by spreading the word, by creating social networks, by creating websites and publishing insightful reports and comments, by getting others to get involved, by building bridges between nations, by supporting those in the trenches of social apathy and wars on injustice and oppression. And others just sit back! The majority of the causes I fight against have been causes I have been a victim of and I also fight the causes I have not been a victim of. Lately, I have been asked why I delete people from my friend’s list. To be honest I am a fighter and a loner. I have fought my greatest fights on my own; all my life. I have watched as discrimination has waged war with my life and I have fought back at times and in others I have walked away to live to fight another day. But those of you who claim to call yourselves -my friends- have to know one thing. I am serious about the causes I choose to fight. And I dedicate almost all my waking and night hours -almost always- to develop and polish a fine messages; to help get out to the audience –whoever- that may be. But when people choose to be my friends I expect them to acknowledge what I say and do; and if in the least to support my causes –because- in my mind I feel they are worthy of support. I don’t ask for money! I ask for you to go to my websites and leave your comments; that includes –wherever- I may publish my books and wherever I publish my comments ad opinions that the majority of you so much enjoy! If and when I get tired of some of you not showing your support I slowly and discreetly will delete you from my friends list. I don’t need friendship for popularities sake. But, for the sake of the causes. So if you truly believe in what I believe you will support me in my causes. In those causes that you do not; all I expect is your comment on why you don’t support that cause. But when you just sit back and get entertained by my comments and what I say and write on here and do not make the effort to show your support- believe me- eventually you will find yourself deleted. We can agree to disagree and go our separate ways with no hard feelings. Writing and producing countless hours and countless thousands of words each and every week to keep up with all  my websites is time consuming and it also takes up time that I could be utilizing for other things. But, I cannot -because- there is no support, only rhetoric. I wanted this to be an open referendum; a roundtable of ideas and friends from all over the globe to exchange our ideas on social and policy issues. Of which, I have spent time in my life experiencing and then in schools and eventually in university learning to develop my abilities -to bring all of you these messages- about the homeless, the poor, the elderly, political corruption. Why this nation allows 15 million people to beg for work when corporations pay little to no taxes, and  then -take the means- to push some back out unto the streets and others in, to get job tax credits? I am concerned about the issues of the handicapped, those with incurable deceases like AIDS and other illnesses, the issues concerning poor rural Americans and not the issues of those who choose to retire to rural America to live a life of apathy and disconnect for those less fortunate around them. I am concerned about the issues that affect the health of single mothers;  those of teenage suicide, prostitution, drugs and gangs. And those that concern non-custodial fathers which are just as real and painful -but which- so many ignore, and that insults me. Why millions of children should have to grow up without their fathers, why women take men for granted and use them so they can get the welfare, tax credits and child support? Why we need to reform the American family court system -as well as- the global family court systems replete with unjust and oppressive policies?  There is so much discrimination in hiring practices, why we can’t seem to get a national recycling of waste products into law, why we can’t seem to find alternative fuels that don’t degrade the environment, why must we spend trillions of dollars fighting wars for other people who are spitting in our faces and saying we are weak? Why we let politicians dictate our social programs; why are our social programs badly administered and in need of reform and re-strengthening? Why the poor need adequate and affordable housing; for which they should prove they will work for and deserve and not just to get a voucher and give nothing back to this nation –who- has provided them with all these programs and help? I want to see people –become- more accountable for what they get! Just like all of you who enjoy all my comments and posts!!! I saw first hand how the government completely demolished an otherwise clean and happy neighborhood I lived as a child  -because- the federal government’s national housing program law was taking our homes to build housing for the so-called poor; within ten years that neighborhood had been turned into a nightmare of gangs, slums and drugs. This is what I mean when I say that many if not all of our social programs are wrongly administered and badly in  need of reform. I see the way our government rewards those in the upper levels of the American social strata -who are there to administer all our social programs- but, like so many others out there are just sitting back and collecting their pay while, occasionally handing out empty gestures and opinions. These are the real paper pushers; masters at the game of cards they play with our lives. I have a thousand other causes I want to fight about. I can do it all alone or with your help. It’s up to you. I can see that none of you have gone to my book pages to leave your comments, or my Barnes and,,,,, or any of my newdawncomm  websites and left your comments or my social networking websites or any sites at all -and I especially feel insulted-  when I see my so-called friends ignore all my petitions! Why? You don’t want to help the unemployed? You don’t want to help the rural poor? Or Help getAmerica back to work? It doesn’t make any sense to me to have friends on here and any other site who are just in it for the ride! My political views are middle of the road. I don’t bend liberal or conservative. I am a reporter at heart! I am a social activist at heart! I am a believer in Jesus Christ at Heart! And the rest I am sure you already have read on all my posts. But I do believe in tolerance, because I am not your judge and jury; there is one greater than me whose job is exactly that and you surely know who that is. I fight the causes that I fight in the best way I know how and if none of you have the guts to fight them with me ore the brains to support and contribute you ideas or comments; in the least, to help grow this movement then I can go it alone. I am not looking to be president or mayor or senator. Only to help the less fortunate amongst us; the ones who can’t or wont fight back –because- they have been beaten down so badly they are speechless. But, I feel and hear their cries just by looking in their eyes; unlike so maybe out there who choose to walk on by and not care. There are –some- who live happy lives and work in cushy jobs and -some- who are tired of begging for help. These two groups are at war with themselves; because, the former don’t think the poor deserve their help and the latter would much rather let everyone else go down with them. What a sadly pathetic way to look at things.

JRH 2011

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