Faith and Values; If You Believe, One Single Tear

The Miracle of Golgotha Hill; One Single Tear

By John R. Hernandez, Jr. 6/11 ©



It was difficult for a poor child to grow up in such conditions, blind in one eye, after being beaten by street peddlers; he’d walked with a limp since birth. The others shunned him, they laughed at him and made jokes; He often could be seen begging by the peddler’s stands. Unable to walk fast or far he drew his sustenance from what was thrown out at the end of the day. This day he’d hurried home to his mom who was a sickly older woman. Whose husband had died trying to keep the Roman vandals from destroying what was left of the altar of God during the fire at the Temple. That night he found his mother dead and being an only son he knew he was now truly alone in the world. He sat by her side, for hours, staring into her eyes; asking why? He’d heard of a man carpenter named Jesus who healed the sick and brought sight to the blind and raised the dead;  he wondered if this Jesus could bring his mother back? Could he do what they all say? Would he heal me too? I am sick and alone now and so hungry and my father and mom are gone. And I’d brought her these things so she could eat and get strong. Why God Jehovah have you done this to me, he cried? Suddenly, the Roman soldiers horses could be heard rushing through the square above the hill called Golgotha, the crowds were restless, and screams and the sounds of whipping could be heard inside his little hut of straw, where the little beggar boy sat besides his mothers bed. He heard someone call out to him from a distance a voice he thought he knew, calling to him saying, “If you believe that Jesus is my Son with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind then you will be saved.” Silence returned for a moment as he trembled in fear. But, there again the noise in the streets grew stronger as the procession hurried by. The cries from the streets grew louder and the crowd grew in numbers. He could hear the horses hoofs and the crackling of whips, then he laid his head by his mothers side and feel asleep. It was the middle of the afternoon and he awoke, he nudged his mother and placed her things beside her side, he pulled her covers tighter as he kissed her cheeks. He remembered having a dream and being called from a distance and he knew he had to find out why. Outside it was dark and the sun was not shining down unto the streets as he made his way up to Golgotha Hill. As he approached he saw a crowd of soldiers laying on the ground holding their faces, and some women crying and praising God. And as he looked up he saw a wooden cross before him and a man hung there, his head bowed down, nails piercing his hands and feet and blood oozing down. He saw the scars the soldiers inflicted upon him and he remembered the dream and the face of that man he thought he’d known who hung there suspended between earth and heaven. It was Jesus and he slowly began to open his eyes, and he looked at the little crippled boy standing there with tears in his eyes and just as he took his last breath he looked at the little boy and smiled at him and a tear pierced his eye lids. And the little boy stretched out his hands and Christ’s tears touched his hands and the little boy fell to his feet and the women weeping came to him and picked him up and he stood up straight and he wanted to cry from the joy of disbelief and the miracle of saving faith. He wanted to climb that cross and bring Jesus down. Because, somehow he knew that, that man up on that cross had answered his prayers. He’d answered his hopes and dreams all at once, with one single tear. And just as he started to climb that cross, he heard a voice from the distance saying, My child, you get down from there, as he slipped and fell backwards, he turned and looked back down the hill. And there through the darkness and the strange fog he saw the image of his mother running up Golgotha Hill, calling out to him. 




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