Someone Has to Speak Out!

Referendum to Restore Our Economic Engine by Restoring the Lives of 15 Million Unemployed Americans

By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 6/11

We all know that states –including- Commonwealths get huge sums of federal money to help create jobs. And all this is mandated by the federal government, but is it ever enforced? When have you heard the feds going after any state because they reneged on their mandatory obligations to create an X number of jobs? What if we could make them create X number of jobs and base that figure on their rate of unemployed individuals. So that now they have a federally mandated obligation to create jobs in their respective states. But wait it gets better! What if tied to this were another obligation that would require every state department of labor to audit all their agencies within their state to make sure that all the information they provide to prospective job seekers was up to date, guaranteed reliable and that the jobs they sough out for job seekers were qualified jobs that met guidelines which would guarantee a livable wage not just based on the states minimum wage criteria but based on the particular individuals set of circumstances. For example if you have an individual who was making $2,000 per month but lost their job through no fault of their own. Then the new guidelines would have to say that a formula based on that persons financial obligations to his family, to the roof over his or her head, to children living outside the home for which he or she is responsible for providing every day subsistence to be counted, to account for all is creditors and any payments he or she is obligated to make, to guaranteed that while they are unemployed and for three years after they are reemployed that no court action can be taken against them for any unpaid fines, unpaid court orders, unpaid tax liens, unpaid backed up child support, unpaid student loans obligations, unpaid traffic fines, unpaid property taxes, unpaid obligations o any loans including interest.  It can’t get better than this! This is a mandate a referendum to see if it will be possible for the American people to get back on their feet without having to look over their backs just when they finally find work. It gives them piece of mind, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. Check this out!

A guarantee that if once they do get a job that satisfies all their necessities and they keep that job for a length of three years without interruption and they abide by all rules of the prescribed agreement that a percentage of their fines and debt will be forgiven and some of their debt will be forgiven in its entirety. How does this nation or this government expect to help get America back on its feet and productive again if all it wants to do is bail out the rich and famous and do nothing to nail out the long term unemployed and hurting. People are cash strapped, about to loose their homes and many already have; to hungry lenders. But we could put a stop to that and guarantee the America people we will draw up a plan to help get them back on their feet and it will start with an agreement of debt forgiveness if they abide by all the rules of this agreement and in 36 months or so they can be if not completely debt free. I imagine that small loan you owe your old alma mater disappeared because you abided by the agreement that guaranteed you freedom and your transcripts back to go out and continue your blocked education dreams? Imagine all but a portion of your property taxes disappeared because you made the right decision and stuck by the plan. Imagine those huge federal student loan debts reduced so drastically you finally know you can breathe again because you followed the agreement guidelines. Imagine all debt gone or almost gone because you finally got an agreement that will guaranteed to bail you out too just like the big three and the multi million financial institutions did?  So what do you think? We got to roll up our sleeves and get 15 million people back on their feet breathing again and no care in the world for them anymore more looking behind their shoulder, no more changing addresses every time the government or the credit card companies or the banks or any debtors came with the garnishment notices liens? All gone or almost gone! Give us three of your life, get through our boot camp agreement guidelines and soon you will have the freedom to travel to invest again to never again be afraid to open up a bank account and start saving again. Guaranteed job training in the field d of your choice, guaranteed pay while training that meets or exceeds your wildest expectations (rewards incentives for job training) just follow our guidelines that is all we ask. Give us three years of your time and we will get you back on track. After all the big financial institutions got back on track within 18 months as well as the big three! Why can’t we make that promise to the American people? Wait a minute I think I hear a question from the peanut gallery on the right side of the aisle, yes ok what is it? Oh yes your asking how are we gonna pay for this socialist agenda? Hmm?? Let see, uhumm well one day at a time! This is an investment in the American people and on this nation’s economy. I think the rich corporations would be glad to pitch in, let’s see, oh yes private philanthropists; J. Paul Getty what did you say you’ll chip in a few hundred billion? My goodness I think that just about will cover it! But if there are any other generous benefactors out there, oh yeah, Donald Trump, glad to make your acquaintance; for once you’re investing in the real apprentices! And oh yeah Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and all our friends in the Middle East who have enjoyed the benefits of all our gestures of good will courtesy of the US Armed Forces of course we’ll take your check, oh wait a minute better make  send it to our  Pay Pal account, it’s quicker! Oh and Canada yes I forgot about that small issue of Free Trade  sure will take a check, how much $100.00 Billion -no problem- you can send the rest in quarterly installments to the Peoples National Referendum Headquarters C/O to the officer in charge of the accounts to Restore the Jobs and Lives of 15 Million Americans.


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