Faith and Values

The Day After

By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

After the thunder and lighting subsided and the rains -seized falling- there was light and the heavens opened up and Angels in the millions and millions hovered above and stood before a white heavenly cloud and -all at once- clapped their hands and the cloud disappeared. And what appeared to be a City ofGoldthat shined like diamonds sat upon their shoulders; and there were guards of the Most High that carried swords of fire with smoke bellowing from them. Who’d returned to meet the rest, who’d bowed down as we all did for His face was like the fire of a hundred suns. But it didn’t burn me it was cool to the touch or so I thought I’d touched His face. And children by the millions kneeled praising Him and all the elders before his throne stood praising Him and all those who’d gone before us -stood by us- and greeted us and welcomed us. It was dark when I awoke -in the early morning hours- the day after the Great Tribulation when the armies of the Most High destroyed the armies of the evil one -in one great battle. And now I could see the sun rising up again, they had pushed back darkness into the great abyss; this is where they went those seekers of knowledge, who sought after the furthest of the heavens. Believing themselves to be like the Most High they called themselves the “Knowers” those who peer into the smallest of places trying to find God -trying to make Him talk- to get Him to stand before them. To get Him to listen to them, to obey their demands, to make Him appear -as frail as all of them- and the fires descended from the heavens and their eyes were shut closed. From the mighty fires that swooped down upon them like the days of Pentecost. They could be seen speaking in tongues and crying before the Great Presence of The Lord of Hosts and all his Guardian Angels. That cried out with a loud voice and who made the mountains tremble and the earth shake and the oceans spill their great waters unto the lands of the Pacific and of theAtlanticand swell in many places. And I stood in awe of all of this…trembling and shaking and speechless praising the Almighty with -all my heart- and all my soul and all my strength…..    

John R. Hernandez, Jr.

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4 Responses to Faith and Values

  1. Really very beautiful and mystique..


  2. Hahahah.. Damm.. great one 😉


  3. WOW what a difference!


  4. oleole says:

    Awesome work…


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