Innocent Silence By John R. Hernandez, Jr.

Together the pain ceases, the shallow silence
of despair is broken. Somewhere beyond the darkness lays the veil;
the whispering wind hisses and frowns aimlessly. Forever; a moment
in your arms. Eternity; the dying embers of a thought unspoken. An
unquenchable fire subdued by the naked wings of fate and the
crushing depths of dawn splintering the twilight. My love; the
endless reflection of my soul before your eyes as the rushing
torment of this cold and lonely river flows on; like the burning
passion in our hearts. Yesterday’s tears turn cold again, moments
like the rain washing away the still quiet whispers of this
innocent silence


About johnrhernandez

Publisher, Author, Editor,Public Relations Expert, Proofreader, Writer, Consultant, Life Coach, Interpreter, Translator, Historian, Philosopher, Poet, Journalist, Photographer, Media Expert
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7 Responses to Innocent Silence By John R. Hernandez, Jr.

  1. Digital P0et says:

    Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading it very much. Checking up on peoples poetry and writing is something I do often. I try to keep up with today’s trends so I’m more active in the writing community. Thanks again for sharing this.


  2. Hi Digital Poet,
    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I was working on my other issues: Stop by there and check it out and leave a comment if you like! I sincerely appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Hope to hear from you soon and try and stop by and checkout my book “In the Birth of a New Dawn” and let me know what you think of it. I would be honored if you left me a comment there and all my sites in whatever it is God puts in your heart. Tell everyone you can about my sites and my books and don’t forget the coupon codes TK62P and NL28E. You’re welcomed back here anytime!
    John R. Hernandez, Jr.


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  4. rtveuroagd says:

    This is damn good.


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